Robin for the kitchen window

Once on my internship, I learned the song, Robin ticks against the window. I loved the song, something magical or something..

“Robin ticks the window, tap, tap, tap
Let me in, let me in
It's too rude and too cold to my liking
Let me in, yes in
She took him with her and had in her lap
Grains of oats and crumbs of bread
But when spring came again, tin, tin, tin
He flew back into the forest.”

In fact, I believe there are several verses of. After my internship I sang it many times, but I never thought about it again. Until this winter suddenly there's a robin in front of the kitchen window almost every morning. Like he wants to say, you got some goodies for me, but as soon as I look at him, he's already gone..

Drawn with pastel pencil and pan pastel following a tutorial on youtube by Lineke Lijn.
#birds #drawing #drawings #pastel