Safe distance from France..

France, Saint Denis Les Martel, 20-03-2020 - 1st day of spring:)

Dear mostly sitting inside you,

What a strange time we live in. One thing is for sure, we all go into the history books together. Now, of course, we will first experience with what kind of story. And this is, I expect, something else for everyone. Because everyone experiences this crisis in a different way. I could write a lot about what my experience is. Especially since I - since breast cancer - have been cured of it naturally.

But so much is being written about it already, so much is being scattered about information, facts and fables, in all kinds of ways, from opposite camps. So now, today, I decide to leave it at this moment. After all, there are always more things than the crisis we are in today. Although everything else seems to be immediately forgotten (for example, terrorists can hardly commit an attack now that there are no large crowds left, sorry, could not resist. Any drawback has its advantage? Not funny? Sorry you look at it differently.)

Official spring today

It might be easy for me to talk, because we live outside. There is plenty of space to breathe and to continue admiring the nature around the house. This one just goes on with his/her life. No dirt on the air for the outdoors. In fact, the air even clears from time to time, as I understand. Shit, let me tempt myself to write more about it. But have you stood in front of an open window today, sniffed the fresh spring air? This can be done without a piece of paper. Here in France, if we want to go outside, we need a completed document with where you come from and where you are going and why. But for an open window sniffing oxygen is allowed just in freedom!

Back to the UPDATE

Oh, yes, for that I write to you; to pass on our middlemen. Finally I crawled behind my laptop, with only 1 to do on my list today: write and send the update. Last July there was the last one on my website, since that time a lot and at the same time little happened. It's on which side you're looking at it from.

One side of the coin is: personal development: CHECK, very much unwound of my complicated being. Whoehoe! Little by little I'm going to enjoy more and more naturally, instead of running around like chicken without a head in this life, or in my case it's more like a thinking cup that sits somewhere without a chicken.. And I love personal development, a path that gives me many discoveries about the me, myself and I, and the Life that is everywhere.

Worries are actually for tomorrow

With a roof over my head, some food on a plate, there is no reason to panic (and we still have 4 toilet rolls in the closet). Many people ask themselves how it is possible that we have so much patience, well, waiting is just waiting. Then you have no choice. It brings challenges, though. You can have been working on that for a lifetime, but fortunately we continue in small steps further and further with our project, the ecocamp. Even though the whole world has now been put on hold and everyone has to deal with waiting..

YourTree ecocamp developments

We were so close, finally we were so close. Next Monday, March 23, was the important day. After a long (very long) waiting for an independent party, we would hear the prize of adjacent land. This would be the decisive part of our start on the site we found. But you guessed it: the virus throws soot in the food. You see, I can't get out of here not to write about the COVID19... So the deal is not going through, and when it does... Who knows... because who knows what awaits us... But worries are for tomorrow (already obtained insight).

A long time has passed - since July - and I can, in fact, be very brief about it; in particular, we have spent a lot of time waiting. With regard to the ground then, always there was a new small step, and then again wait for the response of the respective counterparty, third party or umpteenth person..

What about it, exactly?

We found a piece of green land, with a dilapidated large barn (see possibly latest update on ). On this is now a renewed building permit, so we can live there. Moreover, a building permit gives more chance of permission to start a small campsite on a site. So CU (the building permit) CHECK The terrain is only too small, so we need adjacent land.

Left of the barn could, we talked to the owner. He wanted to sell it to us, at a very high price (not for Dutch terms, but for our and for the French market price), and selling the price was not an option. It's a question of supply and demand. With this then went to the mayor and 2 other organizations (making these agreements and actually executing is also especially waiting, because there was regular resistance or canceled and then not immediately planned again.. as Dutch to go crazy, but that aside. Exercise in ZEN.. - although I feel the bubbling again inside when I think back - do not allow, lies behind us, is over, oh yes).

And as it turned out, the yurts are not allowed to stand up according to the grumpy gentleman of the city council (I leave the word grumpy to everyone's imagination, but let me say that I put it mildly). And so we can't do anything with the ground left for our ecocamp. Then we went right again, because we wanted to avoid this side.

Left to right...

The owner on the right is someone who is under guardianship and lives in a mental shelter. The chance that you can buy land through this road is very small.. We had no choice, so we went down this path anyway. After several phone calls, emails and a single wheelbarrow we figured out how or what. And after a lot of waiting, a reaction has come: we can buy the land!

Then we had to plan a conversation with the farmer who rents this land now, because he has the first purchase rights and maybe didn't want to leave this pasture at all (with his cows then hey). Surprisingly, this was a very nice meeting, and this fine cow man wants to make room for us with pleasure. However, we will have to find another hectare for him elsewhere (is being worked on).

3 yurts 3 months - jeej

Now, we need an independent party to set the price, given the trustee situation. And so we were waiting for March 23rd, the day it was going to happen... After that, it can go very quickly, go to the notary and sign that bite. Because the biggest good news is that according to the organisation CDPNAF (France is champion in the number of organisations involved in the government system and in abbreviations with huge letters), we are allowed to place 3 yurts, for 3 months, hidden along the edge of the forest.

Of course we will continue steadily by struggling in the bureaucratic system to get more dragged out, but we can start!! At least... almost then... Breathing or hyperventilate? Because yes, we are all inside. And yes, I know, it's for the greater good. But what is going to come next? Not thinking about it and living by the day is many times better, because everything passes. Nothing is forever. As said, a bed, some food, no worries, take a breather.

A girlfriend appte: the world and the people get a breather, to which I replied: yes, only those who have gone to hyperventilate do not. Dear you, if you feel fear, thank her for the warning and focus on something else. Grab a book, watch a movie, make jokes, bake cookies, do things at home that you otherwise never have (or take) time for. It can be. Fear affects your immune system, so you are already 1-0 behind when you come into contact with any disease. I'll be typing again about the virus.

Eve locked up and the world upside down

Yeah, this really was the case. I have done the Vipassana retreat, it is a kind of meditation marathon, put it briefly. I spent 10 days in isolation, no pen/paper (this was the worst at times), no communication (not non-verbal, we were with 50 men/50 women, and then the staff), no phone, no nothing, just meditation, an average of 11 hours a day.. The day began at 4.00h (!!) and stopped at 9:00 p.m., and you wanted to go straight into bed.

I have come to some incredibly beautiful insights, including that my mind is very witty deep down. I don't know who invented the word witty about being funny. But at least I had to laugh internally at myself, that thinking head without chicken. And there I felt my chicken (my body) say, wow, what an intense experience. Anyway, when I was allowed to return to normal life, suddenly the world turned upside down (although it may be difficult to turn upside down, since the earth is round, although there are still people who believe that the globe is flat... well, you can find people for anything, says my father always). But WTF eager?!

It comes and it goes

Dear you, there we sit behind our electronic device staring at this mail (now, read in your case). Spring has begun, it has not because of what is going on (maybe you have seen the beautiful poem about this come by on Facebook, otherwise I send it to you with love, let me know). I close this update with the words, which always passed by in the meditation course (while after hours you sit tailors on your mat dying of pain):

EVERYTHING PASSES- it's the law of nature (and it's true, because if you - with compassion for yourself - it persisted on your mat the pain left). This sitting inside, too, passes, and what happens then? I don't know, but hey, worries are always for tomorrow. If you can really experience that, then suddenly there's many times less misery in your life, betting?

With a lot of sweet love for everyone who reads or doesn't read this,

Evelinda (& Pierre)

PS: I still work at the BIO vegan kitchen as a biscuit maker, although not for now.. yes the virus & Pierre has picked up his sewing work in the studio (from the winter foal cold in the barn), both we are through our showers and see light again at the end of the tunnel, even though the tunnel has been extended again.. With unknown length.. The maintainer wins (as long as your heart is at the trajectory) we'll just think. And my online money (especially the gold since this crisis = virus benefit) is still growing.



The plan: living in a yurt in the French countryside,

and add 5 smaller yurts so that others can enjoy this place as well.

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Decopatchen slightly different
Decopatchen is to paste pieces of paper on various surfaces. There are many nice papier-mache shapes, and wooden, glass and terracotta objects for sale to apply the Décopatch technique. We had a stack of nice designs Decopatch paper in our hands, but no wooden objects. papier-mâché forms more in the house. And what do you do then? Maybe we won't tell you anything new, but there are many more things you can love to decopatchen! Glass jam jars, vases, flower pots, bowls, bowls, jewellery boxes, pen trays, books, beer mats, mirror frames, tables, children's chairs, figurines, coat hooks, candle stands, ornamental ladles, candy jars, pepper and salt set, picture frames, everything a nice pattern can do can be used to paste! There are so many nice, cool, beautiful and atmospheric designs of Decopatch paper available, there are always nice motifs for you! View HERE all Décopatch paper Designs! Of course we also started working ourselves and embellished nice decoration letters, glass jars, small and large cans, an empty (and clean) milk carton, and yes... even a soap pump. Nice for the toilet! We didn't take steps of it, but probably the steps of Decopatchen are clear to everyone: 1. Tear small pieces of Decopatch paper 2. Glue the base with Decopatch glue and a soft brush 3. Stick the Decopatch paper overlapping on the surface and then paint them with glue immediately with the same brush. The glue also serves as a lacquer. View HERE the detailed guide for if you want to know more! There will probably be more things to be decopatched here, because we are far from sticking out! Below you can see some nice Decopatch projects (also here on Yoors) Decopatch papier-mache doggie - Read more Delft blue cow crafting with decopatch - Read more Decopatch kitten - Read more Creatively shape a decorative mask with decopatch and accessories - Read more Cozy cottages tinkering with lights - Read more Making Dino with Dino Eggs by Decopatching - Read more See more creative projects here on Yoors? Please sign up first: - Free and without obligation to register with Yoors #creatief #decopatch #decopatchen #decopatchpapier #decopatchlijm #urbancraftfactory #decoupage #servettentechniek #papiertjesplakken #decoraties #decoreren #pimpen #versieren #knutselen #freubelen #creatiefzijn #creatiefbezig #creatiefbezigzijn #knutselenmetkids #creatiefmetkids #lowbudget #recycle #zerowaste #trixxcreatief #glazenpotjes #blikjes #decopatchideetjes
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After Eight
#Eten   #recipes #chocolate #italianrecipe Asparagus PEEL THE ASPARAGUS AND COOK THEM IN A SPACIOUS SAUCEPAN WITH WATER. ADD A TABLESPOON OF SALT AND A PINCH OF SUGAR. AS SOON AS THE WATER BOILS, TURN OFF THE WATER SOURCE. LEAVE THE LID ON THE PAN. SMOKED SALMON Roll up and distribute on the plates. Brush with a dressing of lime juice, fresh dill and pepper from the pepper grinder - - FRESH SPINACH Fry one chopped onion and 2 crushed cloves of garlic in oil. V add a handful of spinach leaves and add pepper from the pepper grinder.  Let the spinach shrk and then add again a handful. Add spinach leaves until they are on. REDUCE THE HEAT. - RISOTTO Fry one chopped onion and 2 crushed cloves of garlic in oil. AS SOON AS THE ONION BECOMES VITREOUS, ADD THE RISOTTO UNTIL IT BECOMES GLASSY (+/- 10 MINUTES). EXTINGUISH WITH A BIG SPLASH OF WHITE WINE. ADD A LADLE OF THE COOKING LIQUID FROM THE ASPARAGUS. STIR UNTIL COMPLETELY ABSORBED (+/- 15 MINUTES. NOW STIR PARMESAN. - PUT ON THE PLATE THE RISOTTO, ASPARAGUS AND STIR-FRIED SPINACH. DECORATE WITH FRESH DILL. - CHOCOLATE Au bain marie melt the broken pieces of chocolate. WITH A GOOD CUP OF COFFEE IS CHOCOLATE. THE DOG MARC (WILD HERB PLANT) FROM THE GARDEN OR MINT LEAVES DIP INTO THE MELTED BUTTER AND LET COOL IN THE REFRIGERATOR. DELICIOUS WITH A CUP OF COFFEE. - IT TASTES LIKE AFTER EIGHT! (DO YOU REMEMBER THESE CHOCOLATES?) - - AFTER EIGHT Meanwhile, the beautiful sunny day is almost over. The sun is almost going down. Have a little after-enjoy with a delicious beer. - -