Scene Selection - what are you shooting? - Lesson 5 Yoors Photography Course

the first step to manual shooting

We know what shooting is, we have a camera or mobile phone that we get to work with and we know briefly what the icons mean. This lesson we're going to talk about scene selection. The camera, or you, can set what you want to shoot. The camera sets the best values to capture the scene as best as possible.

Scene - selection /program - choice

These are icons I created myself. Each camera has its own icons, but you can find them if you read this explanation.

I'm curious to see what more scenes your camera or phone has as a standard program - choices.

Many cameras have a choice on a dial with the P that means program choice or scene selection. It may also be that you are in the CAR , the automatic mode can select a scene.


    1. sports : you want to capture a moving topic. The camera chooses a short shutter speed in this mode to get the moving object sharp.
    2. evening : there is low light. The camera chooses higher light sensitivity and higher shutter speed. It is useful to use a tripod. For example, you can also use a wall to place your camera in a stable position.
    3. sun setting : you want to capture the specific colors. The camera makes the orange colors look good. Here too, a tripod or other support is a must.
    4. snow : so much white in the picture is hard to measure in front of a camera. If you indicate that you are taking snow shots, the camera improves white balance. White turns real white by white balance adjustment.
    5. fishing and water: did you try to photograph fish? Water one is strange bariere in front of the camera. Choose this mode for example in the zoo near the aquarium, the camera adjusts the light sensitivity and shutter speed.
    6. portrait : You want to take a nice portrait photo. That could also be an animal. You want sharpness on the face, but what's in the background should not distract attention. This setting provides sharpness on the face and a soft background.
    7. flowers : Pictures of flowers can sometimes happen to some flets in automatic mode. Choose the scene selection and the colors intensify and the background soft.
    8. scenery : With a landscape, you often want to show a lot of sharp focus. The camera provides a wide range of sharpness.
    9. strand : On the beach you often have lots of light and reflexion. In this mode, the camera picks up a low light sensitivity to prevent overexposure.
    10. party : Shooting indoors with ambient light or candles is difficult for many cameras. The party scene gives a good ambient lighting.
    11. food : Nowadays, a lot of food - photos are shared on social media. The camera makes a small part of the photo sharp to direct attention.
    12. motion : A creative program - choice. You can capture motion — A creative photography and video option — recording.

Stepping to manual camera setup.

In the upcoming classes, I'm going to explain more and more about the camera's lighting. Shutter speed, Aperture, ISO value are all covered. Often you can see what values the camera has chosen in the photos. These are often nice starting points to get started later if you want to influence the different values yourself.! I often use that as well.


  1. Search on your phone or camera if there's scene - selection. Also called Program - Choice.
  2. Take a photo of a moving object outside with the sport setting and the flower setting.
  3. See your difference?
  4. Share the photos in the comments.


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