Schrijf opdracht A:

Schrijf opdracht A:


Bij een cursus creatief schrijven die ik jaren geleden volgde online kregen wij de opdracht, om bij een foto een verhaal te gaan maken.

Dit vind ik altijd een leuke opdracht om te doen, en omdat ik nu al wat dagen foto's aan het delen ben dacht ik dat het wel een leuk idee was om dus ook zo iets te gaan op Yoors.

Met die reden deel ik dus deze foto , wat is het verhaal dat jij binnen krijgt bij deze foto? of ...een foto van jezelf.

Omdat zien doen is zal ik ook zelf een stukje text schrijven.


He had been watching her, since that first day he had laid eyes on her.

In his mind he knew who she was, what she did.

She lived in an appartment with a shepard, german. She was single, eventhough she was attractive, she just had not found "him" yet.

He liked looking at her and from what he had seen she liked it too, he was sure of it.

Her name was Esther, a good Christian name, for a good Christian woman.

There wered ays he did not see her, but he figured those were the days she was not working, even Esther needed days off, no matter how hard she worked she needed her days off too. Days she spent at the beach.

Yes Esther was a woman who grew up watching that lifeguard show "Baywatch" And she visited the beach often, as she had dreamed to be a lifegaurd as a job as a kid, but her mother had not allowed it, so she now visited the beach to play a little pretend.

It was her birthday soon, so he had gotten her a gift, a necklace, one sh ehad been eyeing in the window of the jewelry store on her way to her job, trying to safe up the money, she no longer needed to he had gotten it for her.

He felt nervous as he looked at the gift wrapped small box that sat on his mantel.

Today was the day, waiting would only make it harder, and he had waited enough.

He grabbed the package and stepped outside.

She was still standing there waiting for the red light to turn green. His hands trembled as he touched her shoulder.

She turned to look at him and her lips curled into a smile, "There you are" she said "I have been waiting for you" She said

He stummbled back and looked down, His shirt was stained red, but that was not the thing that stuck out the most.

He looked at her as she reached out for him and her slender finger wrapped around the hilt of the blade that stuck out of his belly.

She was stil smiling as she pulled it and her now red stained hands touched his face, "Sleep now, so you can dream of me for eternity "

(yes I have a thing for darker stories :) )

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