Send a beautiful e-Gift to your favourite Yoors member

With the arrival of Valentinesday we have decided to release some more products in our e-shop. This time you can send your very own card that you can customize with our advanced editor to another Yoors member. The idea for the e-cards has been sparked by @Henkjan de Krijger and the cards have been beautifully drawn by @Domz. We will be adding more and more cards to the shop every month for you to choose from.

  • Go to to view the latest gifts
  • Edit your card and add text, videos, links, snippets and anything else that you can also do with your trusted Yoors advanced editor. Surprise your friend with your creativity
  • Preview the animation of your card and check if it looks allright
  • You can also send your card anonymously. The receiver will not know it's you! Ideal to surprise someone
  • You can choose different colors of envelopes: green , blue, pink, you name it
  • Some gifts are exclusively purchasable through payment methods, but some can be bought with your Yoors wallet also
  • After purchasing your card it will be sent to your recipient

The E-shop is here to stay and we will be adding a lot of cool items to it soon that you can purchase for your friends or for yourself.
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