Shark crafting from paper plates

Undersea this shark likes to swim around. He looks a little scary with his sharp teeth.. But this shark doesn't hurt a fly, he says to everyone: Shark! Do you want to make this shark too? You can do this with small paper plates. If you don't have that, you can print out the template on cardboard, too! Do you read how it was made?

What do you need?

- Shark template

- Paper plates or craft cardboard

- Big wobbly eyes (Collall)

- Cuddle glue or glue gun

- Creall grey and black acrylic paint

- Timing mat and puncture pen


- Scissors

How do you make it?

1. Print out the template

- For use paper plates:

* Draw a line over the sign for half (these are small paper plates)

* Cut out shark's beak and place it on the bottom part of the plate and pull it over with pencil

* Cut out teeth (as total) and pull it over to the shark's mouth

* Draw the shark fins on another paper plate and pull them over with pencil

* With a puncture pen, pierce the teeth and then gently release it

* Cut out the fins

* Stick the fins to the shark body

* Stick wobbly eyelets on

- For use craft cardboard:

* Print out the template op stevig karton

* Paint, color, stamp the shark parts

* Cut or pierce the shark parts. With a puncture pen, puncture the teeth, then gently release it

* Stick the shark together with cuddle glue and stick wobbly eyes on it!


You need to save this template before you can use it. Save it to a folder of your computer.

After that, you can print out the template!

Use paper plates:Take over the template as a mold on the paper plate.

Printing on white cardboard:Cut out all parts and edit the






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