At Ingrid's invitation - part 2 Z

At Ingrid's invitation - part 2


Some fellow Yoorsies read my previous post, written at the suggestion of dear @Ingrid Tips en meer, and kindly encouraged me to produce a follow up.

I took the challenge and here is the result. In two parts ;)

Thank you for reading!


“You can’t be serious!”- He reacted, in astonishment.

They had crossed a row of huge trees and entered an open field. The moon reigned over the place as an absolute sovereign. The outlines of a low and large building could be seen in the distance.

Her incredible words still echoed in his mind like a tangled skein of yarn: intolerable drive towards pacifism…other means insufficient…fast action needed... his health and his wish for sustainable peace...

But why he, of all healthy people who wish for sustainable peace in the world – he finally asked.

She replied they needed good-looking human prototypes for this phase.

He asked why not simply manipulate him, having such a developed technology.

She replied conscious participation and resistance were core elements of The Experiment.

He said this could only be the work of delusional minds.

She said she understood his surprise and even his anger, but he could be sure that those minds represented important sectors of political, economic and military powers worldwide.

She added that The Experiment had been running for a while from now, with promising results.

She also added that …

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