Slightly unique adjustment!

I had already responded to this series.

What's surprising about her is that this series is widely present in many countries around 70 versions.

And various adaptations and parodies.

In this case, I brought you one of the modifications that attracted my attention most due to the unique concept.

The operation of “Big Brother” where the residents of the house enter each with a secret.

The main goal of the participants is to discover the secret of the other inhabitants, because every time a secret is discovered, their final price will increase.

The program was broadcast in France, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Peru and Portugal, and adapted to Big Brother in Africa, Albania, Germany, Australia and Spain.

In Denmark and the UK, the format will be developed as part of a weekly test.


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Tania Kross is Carmen
About the performance With exceptional success, Tania Kross fulfilled her childhood dream: a specially adapted version of her favorite opera Carmen. The performance received wonderful reviews and received a lot of support everywhere. Tania knows how to drag the whole of the Netherlands into this love story full of passion and betrayal. Georges Bizet's masterpiece with all the famous arias and melodies seems to be able to keep the minds pretty busy in a fresh, modern style.. The title role is written by Tania: she turns Carmen into a fiery and powerful, independent woman. As Tania says, “I decide where I go, I decide who I fall in love with, I decide who I am.”. After performing Carmen at, among others, the State Opera Stuttgart and at the prestigious Glyndebourne Opera Festival, Tania made a tour of sold-out venues throughout the Netherlands with this version made especially for her. Arranger Thijs Borsten combined the brilliant music of Bizet with influences from flamenco, the fiery dance from the southern provinces of Spain where the story of Carmen takes place, making a sparkling, contemporary version of Tania's favourite piece. Tania Kross is assisted by Dutch soprano Francis van Broekhuizen in the role of Micaëla and tenor Charles Hens as Don Jose. We see Carlos Denia, one of Spain's best flamenco singers, as toreador Escamillio. About Tania Kross Born in 1976 in Curaçao, Tania Kross sang in all major concert halls in the world, including in Paris, Salzburg, Vienna, and Carnegie Hall in New York. She has previously performed Carmen's title role at Staatsoper Stuttgart, Latvian National Opera in Riga and at the prestigious Glyndebourne Opera Festival. Kross is a welcome guest on television, and with verve she shows her love for music to a new audience.
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My park a sustainable example
#sustainability In this beautiful park we achieve those principles, and I explain why . We know that there are three principles of sustainable, social, environmental and economic development. Although it was created for the community, the space was completely abandoned in the middle of buildings that did not have access to it,