Sometimes you have to put on your naughty shoes to promote your blog... (part 2)

Six months ago I wrote how to use my blogs'in the viewer'put so that they (permanently!!) be read. Because that's what we all want, isn't it? That every time you consult your stats, you see that even old blogs are still being viewed.

Can you do that? Yes, you can!

A little somethingexamples, about how I approach it.
The blog below, for example, has on average - still - between 10 and 20 visitors per week, while I posted it on 12 April 2017.

It's a gluten-free recipe, designed in my search for something delicious for my son who needs to follow a gluten-free diet. In trade there is little tasty to obtain.
I have this recipe in a lot offacebook groups'drop', at associations of people who have to eat gluten-free and have the same search problem. These are groups where I was already active anyway and was therefore no stranger.
Consequences: to dateover 7 500 Facebook viewsand a lot of people who saved and shared my page without having to do anything.
If you join aactive group, with tens of thousands of members, you will soon have a very wide audience. If you become a new member, do not post links on a daily basis. That soon becomes as'spamming'and then they throw you out anyway. Build up, see what the cat from the tree first and see what others post. You will also soon notice what many reactions are coming to. (For example, I once had a post that was in a groupin 2 days time 1000 viewsovertook - in a single group.)
My first part of 'naughty shoes' (see above) explains how to find such groups on facebook.

Another approach:respond to other people's websites and blogs. By “focused, “I mean “well-thought.” A pressure viewedsite that scores high in Google,with a lot of visitors, is much more interesting than someone else's blog who is barely being watched. But then, of course, they also have toread your comment and click through to your blog. Not once, but permanently.
That too can be!
You just have to look at your own behavior.. An example:

When I go on a trip, I do research first. I tap words on Google and get a page. I'm going to page 2 at most... These are the sites that other people see as well. There you will respond, with a 'casually' link to your blog that is also about that.

A concrete example:

I posted it on July 2, 2017. Now, more than a year later, I have - especially in the period when people travel or plan - 20 visitors or more a week. Almost300 visitorscame so farfrom '', where I posted a comment on an article about Corsica, which scores high in Google.
Furthermore, I also gota link on a websiteabout Corsica, with a reference to my blog. (How this went, read in the previous blog about how I promote my blog. See higher!)

Also useful:make sure you at the bottom of your own blog- or in the middle of it -related blogsrecommends. Who knows, those blogs will also be clicked. (See my page on Corsica, which contains all links to all the sights. So 'climb' also other blogs...)

Recently, I came - rather by chance - to another form of blog promotion:talk to people and say you're a blogger! You'll be surprised how much information they share with you. That's how you getunique content. All they ask is a link to your blog! Can't be nicer? If they like your blog, it will also be shared on their own website. This happened to me when I posted this blog:

I spoke to the director, told him I'm a blogger and got the permission to take pictures and share information, if I posted a link to their organization.
Result: alsomy link is on their main page and on their newsand I got extra information and pictures, so I could create a second blog, with information that you wouldn't otherwise get:

A private tour behind the scenes was also offered to me, if I want to write a blog about that too.

With pleasure! This will again yield unique content and I put a charity in the spotlight.

Do you have any questions? Do you want to explain something? Feel free to leave it in the comments or send me a private message...

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