What makes a soul?

According to definition, Soul is emotional or intellectual energy or intensity, especially as revealed in a work of art or an artistic performance. This immaterial part of human being which acts as a mysterious force and impact us is our soul. Every humans have different interests, likes and dislikes which make every one of us unique.

What makes justread's soul?

I wanna make this post a little personal to know more about our souls.

I am poet/writer although not a prolific one but most of my creativity goes here. I have few novel ideas and worked into it but i still lack discipline to continue writing.

I like all the musics. I just judge them based on music and lyrics that touch me neither the genre or singer or band. I like ed sheeran most among singer nowadays.


I watch football(mainly english premier league)and play fantasy premier league also. My favourite club is Manchester united. If anyone follows football here,i wanna know more about it. Please leave some comments.
I also follow ufc and love mma. Conor McGregor have pulled me into it and now i watch most of the fights.


I like painting and photography but personally i am not involved into it. Yoors also have great artist here in both arts and photography. My best wishes from them.


I love science related series. Expedition unknown with josh gates is fun to watch.
My best sitcom is friends. I am quite crazy about it and have watched many times over the year.
I also watch mostly Hollywood movies and some of Bollywood too.

My dislikes:
Without dislikes i would not complete my soul right. I don't prefer metal songs,crowds and sweet foods.

I think these things make me. My model for now is Elon Musk. Hope this post helped you to know a soul better. I also know about most of you,drop the links of post of yours or mention few things about you in comments. Hope this will make our friendship in yoors more strong.

Keep writing and sharing. My best wishes to all yoors members.