Sounds of Bamboo winter concerts

Sounds of bamboo #winterconcerten in Dranouter and Kruiseke-Wervik. On Friday 27 and Saturday 28 November Sounds of bambooorganizes a number of winter concerts during which we will #panfluit put the focus again.

After the successful first concert in March in Rekkem we will play this time in the H. Hart church in Kruiseke.

Given the Covid-19 restrictions, we provide an afternoon performance at 15.30h and an evening performance at 20.00h.

The evening before, on 27 November at 20.30h we will also perform in the St-Jan de Doperkerk in Dranouter, this concert in collaboration with Muziekcentrum Dranouter.


On the programme:

Project 4: Henske Bakker, Carina Bossenbroek, Nadja Spooren and Marlies de Roos-Linden from the Netherlands, bring an atmospheric and cheerful programme. With both traditional songs, popular and old music they let us reflect on the almost past year, musing about the beautiful things that will come and persuade people to sing along a familiar tune. Besides the panflute and their voice they will also have some acoustic instruments from the Balkans.

In March we opened the concert with the very young Luca Radutataru from Moldova who, with his Romanian recorder, immediately managed to move and fascinate the audience, he too will be back. As well as Stefan Negura, pan flute phenomenon from Moldova. Raluca Patuleanu will also be there, a Romanian who has lived in Belgium for 30 years. She teaches panflute lessons and a pupil of her young Ionut Anthony will also take his first steps on stage at these concerts. Many are looking forward to seeing them back at work!


Tom Goemaere will complete the whole with the warm sounds of the bass flute.

“My passion for the instrument eventually led my wife Annick Raes to start Sounds of Bamboo.” According to Tom Goemaere. Around the church in Dranouter and on the playground of the adjacent school in Kruiseke we also provide some positions with Romanian specialities, cd -sales and some items from the Sounds of bambooshop. Be there, discover and enjoy culture in its purest form, a unique acoustic event

The organisation Sounds of bamboois committed to keeping these events corona safe. (walking direction, social distance, hand and disinfection gel...) Mouth caps are mandatory! Keep it safe, so we can make it two unforgettable days together!