Whale Coast

Continuing from my post yesterday, the following photos are from different places along the coast.

Yesterday the photos were from Gordon's Bay, if you continue driving in the same road this will continue taking you along a road with mountains to your left and Atlantic Ocean to your right.

I took a screen shot of Google Maps to show you where Gordon's Bay is and the names of the little towns that follow.

So the photos on this post are from Rooi Els, Pringle Bay, Betty's Bay and Kleinmond.

Betty's Bay is also know for their Penguin's, though in my opinion not as beautifully done as in Simon's Town, still a good stop to make if you would like to see some. As it was 33'C outside we decided to skip a visit to the Penguins this time.

Something that really brought home the message of nature conservation was how home are built around nature in these towns.

Here homes are built around nature. Here the little bushes known as fynbos are the gardens around the homes, they were not destroyed and land made flat to build a home.

Most homes in South Africa are built behind tall walls due to crime, but in these towns there were not even a short wall between neighbours.

There were homes that were built above ground so that the fynbos can continue to grown uninterrupted. I thought that was pretty awesome. Though as someone that is afraid of snakes, I am not sure I would want to live there especially in the hot summer.

Our final pit stop and where we spent the most time was in Hermanus and I will share those with you on my next post.

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