Spider webs and poetry for children

Children and spiders?

No way they go together! Or do they?

Children are naturally curious, and they often show themselves unafraid in the face all sorts of bugs and critters that would make an adult's skin crawl. Taking a closer look at a spider web, however, even a fearful adult is forced to admire the skilful craft that goes into building such a luxurious home of pearls. Attention to detail is the mother of all love for all forms of beings. So paying close attention is a good place to start.

This is a post dedicated to the wonderful world of spider webs, and it was inspired by @Astrid Hoog 's gorgeous photo, which I highly encourage you to take a look at (and leave a heart if you enjoy it, of course). In my own post you will find a poem for children, which I wrote just because the inspiration came to me a few months ago, as well as two photos taken while walking around a park one day. The poem and the photos have different dates, but looking back on both I do think they belong together.

I spy, I spy

I spy, I spy
From the corner of my eye
A slow spidery weaving
Of the finest silk
Rain coloured
Sun kissed
Eight eyes spying
In the Autumn mist

I spy, I spy
In the yellow tree
A palace made
For eight tiny feet
Where the breeze won’t stay
But a leave might stick
A spidery life I spy
From the corner of my eye


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