“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” Nikola Tesla

One of the most famous inventors of humankind and the greatest mind ever on planet Earth, Nikola Tesla, indicated that science should consider non-physical phenomena as the relevant subject of research. It's totally not explored by science. #spirituality 

How do You explain his words?

As a busy man and inventor, Tesla spent a lot of his time alone with his ideas and in silence, observing the world around him and creating something he saw clearly in his mind. He knew about alternating currency because he kind of saw it by observing nature and its physical laws. But he understood there are phenomenons in the world that even a healthy human eye can't see or measure or experience in a physical manner.

His revolutionary perspective of Earth as a capacity in the technical sense of speaking is not only way ahead of his time, it's the truth! Today we actually know Earth is a massive energy capacity with the power to move, breath, grow, even communicate in its way! But, where on Earth, Tesla could hear, read, or access that sort of information in that time? He was resourceful, no doubt there :D
So, in his time that was a mind-blowing statement,  jet Tesla stays focused on his peace of mind, his ideas, and improvements without hesitation or second doubt - he invents and creates something in world heritage. He cared for people a lot and that's his greatest virtue, but cost him a great deal in the private and finance part of life.

In his own words ignorant, unimaginative people, consumed by self-interest” are (and mostly are still) reasons why the world did not have an opportunity for free electrical energy as Tesla dream his whole life.

For me, Tesla is a shred of evidence in humankind's history of how science and spirituality can go hand in hand! Just by following your vision, your Soul higher purpose call to share creations making them useful for everybody on the planet. There lies abundance for humans, especially in science.


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Should science listen to the Tesla?

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