Sexual Energy Is A Bridge

#spiruality Often spiritual seekers, my acquaintances ask me, "Sir, what is meant by Spiritualism?"

Well, through my spiritual odysseys, I have unearthed that Spiritualism is nothing but controlling, transforming the direction of most potent of all energies - Sexual energy.

The tendency of Sexual energy is to move in the downward direction, thus engendering lust, miseries.

Through meditation, a yogi directs the sexual energy to move in the upward direction, through the spine, through various "chakras" so that it can become a bridge between the Self and the Supreme, thus bringing about pure love, bliss.

Infact, this exactly is the prime objective of all the religions - mingling of drop with the Ocean.

To underscore the importance of Sexual energy, I have written the following composition :

(क) अजब चीज़ है भूख भी, करे जगह जगह प्रहार
पेट भरे जब, भूख करे तब पेट के नीचे वार

(ख) उपाए कई है संसार में, जो पेट की भूख बुझाए
पेट के नीचे की भूख को पर संसार और बढ़ाए

(ग) पेट के नीचे की भूख का बस एक ही है समाधान
छोड़ बाहर की दुनिया, कर अंदर को प्रस्थान

(घ) बाहर तो है चमक दमक, होगा अंदर घोर अंधेरा
पर सब्र रख, सवाल ना कर, तेरा होगा नया सवेरा  

(a) Hunger is a strange thing. It attacks different parts of the body.
When stomach is filled, the hunger then attacks below the stomach (arouses sexual feelings).

(b) There are many ways in this world in which the hunger of the stomach can be satiated.
But the hunger below the stomach increases further when one interacts with the world.

(c) There is only one way in which the hunger below the stomach can be quietened.
The way is to start "Inward journey", control the senses.

(d) Initially the spiritual seeker finds the "Inside World" lonely and dark while the "Outside World" appears glamorous. So he becomes disheartened.
But if he steadfastly continues the "Inward journey", he will attain serenity, pure bliss which can never be found in the "Outside World".

~ Sanjay Gargish ~