Starting Sun Photographing - Brief Manual Photographing Part 9

Shooting the setting sun, or the rising sun naturally

Have you seen in recent days how beautiful the sky is early in the morning and late in the evening? Bright orange with beautifully colored clouds above the horizon. This requires a short guide, especially for the situation of the sunset and sunrise of course, because in the automatic mode it is not always possible to capture the colour as you actually see it! From the automatic mode with the camera, and take matters into your own hands!


You can use the settings of the camera as a starting point, but from there you have to adjust the settings if the colors or sharpness are not to your liking. And manually focus, possibly the camera can be difficult to focus in this situation.

Check the map which adjustments you want to make, and between which STOPS you can do that in this situation.

I'm curious about your setting sun photos, and the rising sun pictures, of course.