My new girlfriend! She gives so much warmth, that must be a feminine item! 😉🤣❤

Two years ago, our first winter here, we were very cold. Of course we did have a source of heat: a hidden and incorrectly placed wood stove.

What an experience was that say: that wood stove.
The only warmth we had of it was carrying the wood upwards.
It was very old-fashioned (I was incredibly grateful for my big family at these times): every three steps there was someone - from the wheelbarrow wood piece by the hands went up.

And then the real adventure really started: lighting the stove - in hope of blessing!
If there was wind, the smoke would blow right into the kitchen.
It was raining: then the smoke would blow right into the kitchen.
If there was no wind and it was not blowing: then the smoke would blow into the kitchen - because even though the clothes looked very authentic, he did not work!

Very sometimes it was easy and some heat came into the house - 98 out of 100 times it went, alas, differently.
As the smoke went up, the children crawled out of the kitchen on their knees - into the fresh air.

It sounds very shabby, maybe it was, but we had to laugh about it and it also fraternised enormously.
The whole winter period we have not been warmer in our living space, the kitchen, than a grade or 10, at most 12.

Strangely enough, the big people were the ones who had the most difficult with that - the little people just went on undisturbed.
I put down thermosocks in front of them, they just ignored them.
Obligged me to put them on those thermosocks, they flickered those bitches after three seconds just to the side.
I put extra tidal cloths on the draining floor, sat down to play that scum next to it.
I gave them thick pants, they were neatly put back in the closet and they just grabbed their summer clothes.
There was no fight against it.
Strangely enough, no one got sick that year! So cold is incredibly good for a human being.

But still..., then the cold did not stand the children - I really did not want another year!

We worked incredibly hard to replace the floor that was crooked and had cracks. We insulated the door, and the plaster walls from which wind force 10 came from behind were removed - the original walls are plastered.

And then this baby is in the kitchen: she runs on petroleum - which also brings me great memories when turning on and off: it smells like my very first gift from my second boyfriend: a real Zippo. God, how elegantly I could light up my sneaky cigarettes with Zippo...

Yes, this stove must be feminine... so much class and warmth... She's only been there for four hours and I love her already!

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