sylvanian families

Who else knows them? the super cute toys from sylvanian families.

I remember when I had a cat family of it as a little girl.. great and super cute I liked them. My mother also liked to play with it secretly haha.

during a holiday in Belgium I saw them in a small shop again and since a while the toy stores in the Netherlands sell them again. Unfortunately there is a big price tag on it..

you have several animal families of them including the cats and cat families, rabbit families, bear families if I'm not wrong about all animal breeds. There are also several houses and buildings and furniture of, even cars and a houseboat

will post some photos of them:

so detailed and beautifully made all!

of this type of theme sets you have multiple types of

also fully equipped bedrooms etc

also many things can be combined with each other so that it forms 1 whole

and so I can continue to post examples: P

I love it!!!!I think they're super cute and too wow

If I had the money for it I knew I had the complete collection:)

for my daughters and secretly something more for myself;)

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