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Be your own Sherlock!

Be your own Sherlock!

I made this page, because I see so many people around me falling for everything they have been told by the media, politicians and most, but not least teachers. Yes, I wasn’t the easy one at school. Sorry Mr. Joop!!

I just find it difficult to just assume “they”are right and I should believe what they are telling me. Even though it is notoriously difficult to point out every false statement made by any of them. It hasn't stopped me for trying. I know we are being fed a lot of bull by many of them and some might not even know it themselves.

We don't need to be picky, but we need to find out what is worth our attention en focus on that and from there move on. Than we need to get the answers. Why are these things happening and what can we do to change it? and to get these answers we need to ask QUESTIONS. And if these answers do not add up we need to protest while we can. Together we can be loud. And by protesting I do not mean any harm.

It is possible to change things and we need to start with the core and as simple as it sounds it is by using our instincts. We don’t need to question everything we are being fed. Most of it is just a cover up for what they don't want you to find out.

I am not saying the majority of our society is plain dumb. But the well-cultivated critical thinker is.. well.. hard to find. It's hard for people to accept that we have been lied too, not only the media and news, but the entertainment industry, science and art, definitely MODERN art is being manufactured and is false.

What do I mean with that? Well, last time I checked a Russian Ambassador was shot nine times in the back by an off-duty Turkish police officer.

But the moment I saw the video I knew it was fake. It happened on a specific date, the name of the off-duty police officer was suspicious and there was no blood on the floor. Yeah.. really there was NO blood. And he was shot NINE times!!! You can watch the video for yourselves if you don’t believe me.

And another thing that popped up in the media is an abstract painting by an artist named Barnett Newman is being sold for 43,8 million dollars!! And all you see is blue and a white line crossed by. That’s all!! They say it with more adjectives to make it sound the money was worth the buy. I can guarantee you it wasn't and I believe the unidentified bidder agrees with me.

There is this vicious circle of ignorance going on and only we can stop it if we are in this together! I know it sounds dramatic but it's the only way.

We really need to marginalize our own intelligence that’s how we become fearless and therefore free. They have been trying for decades to stop that for happening with success. Look at the Millennials. WE ARE A JOKE! Yes I am a one of them, 23 years old, now you know. I will explain later why, maybe I don't even have too if you look around you.

I do want to explain why I have the adjective tacit in my username. It’s actually kind of a joke. Because tacit means that people assume something that isn’t fully explained and understand it. They accept something as true or real without questioning. And as a conspiracy theorist that is exactly the opposite of what I am doing and aiming for my readers.

And dreams, well it would have been a dream come true if people start waking up tot "The Matrix" that happened in the past, is going on right now and is expected to happen in the future. And no I don't have supernatural powers, but already know and will explain which events are going to happen THIS year. And yes I will give you dates.. I promise (no Trump(f) and Hilary too, she did lie a lot and I don't like her voice either. )


I would like to thank everybody who is willing to follow and most importantly collaborate with me. I can write/speak Dutch, but will write my articles in English. I will definitely respond in Dutch if you want me too :)

Very interesting, I'm very curious about the blog you'll be posting. Success. :-)
20-02-2017 09:38
20-02-2017 09:38 • Reageer
Ja mooi geschreven ook
20-02-2017 09:25
20-02-2017 09:25 • Reageer