The 10 best and FREE Children's Book Characters Crochet Patterns

For my son of 3 years old, there's nothing better than being read from his favorite books. All figures really come to life for him, and what's more fun than having a hug of these figures.? Fortunately, mom can crochet, so many cuddles are made by yourself here. That saves a lot for the wallet, especially if you use free crochet patterns, and it's also made with love.

During my internet searches, I have come across many fun and FREE crochet patterns of children's book characters. I love to share my favorite finds here with you.

1. Frog and friends

Our home is often read from the books of Frog and friends. I love this free Frog crochet pattern.!

The free Essiebirdies pattern can be found here (scroll down): Frog

Mike's Creations also has fun free patterns for Frog and Friends finger puppets, which can be found here:
Frog and friends finger puppets

2. Woezel

The sweet little dogs Woezel & Pip are also very popular with our children, not only as a cartoon but also as a book. That's why I was very happy when I found this free pattern of Woezel. 

The free Sabrina's Crochet pattern can be found here: Woezel

3. Pip

And if you crochet Woezel, Pip should not be missing. This way they can sit on their lap together when their book is read out.

The free Sabrina's Crochet pattern can be found here: Pip

4. Caterpillar Never Enough

A lovely little crochet project this little Caterpillar Never enough, and super fun to give together with the booklet as a gift.

You can find Corine's free crochet pattern here (scroll down): Caterpillar Never Enough

5. Takkie by Jip and Janneke

For my son, I was looking for a pattern of Jip and Janneke's dog Takkie. Every time a picture of Takkie comes by in the book, he shouts 'Aaaah, what adorable! Me also a Takkie?’. I saw that there was a hook set for sale by Takkie at Hema, but it doesn't get the best reviews, turns out to be small and partly felt. So mom wasn't going to do that. Fortunately, I found a great free crochet pattern of a dachshund, written by Dot & Crochet, that became my Takkie. Crochet the dog in black with a white collar and white embroidered eyelet et voilà, a Takkie is born.

The free Dot & Crochet Crochet Pattern can be found here: Dachshund Sam

Source: Dot & Hook

6. Gonnie & Gijsje

Oh, what cuties these are?! It's Gonnie and Gijsje from Olivier Dunrea's books, and I love his books and the cute drawings in it. Thankfully, my kids share my love for Mr. Dunrea's cute ducklings. 

The free pattern is by HaakHooked and can be requested by email: Gonnie & Gijsje

7. Dribble

I even remember this sweet little dog Dribbel from my own childhood, and now I read it out to my children who love it again. A really timeless little dog.

The free Hobby box pattern can be found here: Dribble

Source: Hobby box

8. Barbapapa

Even though such a celandine is of course Barbapapa, and with this pattern you can crochet it yourself. The pattern is in English, so I included a list of American crochet terms translated to Dutch at the bottom of this blog.

The free Haekelfieber pattern can be found here: Barbapapa

9. Miffy

Of course, Miffy can't be missing when it comes to well-known children's book figures. Especially for the little ones Miffy is a very popular figure, my 3-year-old son can't sleep without his Miffy hug, he loves her so much. 

Crochet a sweet Miffy to give as a (stall) gift along with a Miffy booklet, it will definitely be pleasing.

The pattern belongs to Daphne and the World, and you can find it for free here: Miffy plush

Look here for more Miffy crochet patterns:
The 5 best and FREE Miffy crochet patterns

10. Winnie the Pooh and friends

This amazing collection of Winnie the Pooh and friends is really amazing.! All figures are present and all patterns are completely free. Enough nice little projects to crochet so.

Sabrina Somers free crochet patterns can be found here: Winnie the Pooh and friends

I hope you all have as much fun with these patterns as I do, and who knows you can make a lot of people happy with nice homemade presents. I wish you lots of crochet fun! 

American Crochet Terms

  • Stitch (pcs)
  • Round (round)
  • Chain (ch)
  • Slip stitch (ss)
  • Single crochet (sc)
  • Half double crochet (hdc)
  • Double crochet (dc)
  • Triple crochet (trc)

Crochet Terms Dutch

  • Stitch
  • Tour (t)
  • Loose (l)
  • Half Fixed (HV)
  • Fixed (v)
  • Half stick (htt)
  • Stick (st)
  • Double baton (dst)

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