The 'Beep'kerstboom


Surrounded by fallen leaves, a red ball lies in the middle of the pond. On the shore is a woman, her gray hair needs to be dyed, her flapping teeth are allowed for a fix, a grater would not be a luxury for the emerging calluses under her foot and her legs have not seen an epilady for months.
All this doesn't interest her anymore.
She stares at the ball, her daughter stands behind her and puts her arms around her.
“Why did you take that ball out of the Christmas tree and thrown it into the water?'she asks.
“That's Chantal.'
“You see, she doesn't like hanging in my tree as a party ball, you know, that nametasting thing about who's hanging in your Christmas tree. I had to rot with my pussy Christmas tree.'
'Oooh, mom!'Daughter's sweet giggles a little, but then suddenly she's very serious and wants to know the sock's seam. “Why did she put an angry emoticon on facebook at the message? Is she really angry or is it just played.'
“I think she was really angry. I shouldn't have done it either, I know she hates the festive month. And especially on Christmas trees.'
“You also said that you didn't want to decorate the house this year?'
“Yes. But I did set up a tree because I know you guys like it.The woman looks at her daughter. It's going to be a real fun chat major, yet she talks less and less nonsense.
'I don't think Chantal got it right, it's symbolic anyway? Do you guys fight because of it?'
“No, crazy.Dana cuddles her daughter for a moment. Arguing is something she absolutely can't stand. 'Chantal just doesn't want anything to do with Christmas pictures, I get that, but just didn't think about it properly when I mentioned her name in 'my' tree. She was just honest about that, and you know how much I love honesty.'
“Yes, me too! Well, we're doing so honestly, I'd also like to know why you're always having such a hassle about bananas? There are rarely bananas in our house, many tangerines, but I never hear you about that.'
“That's from a long time ago, a banana always lends itself perfectly as a basis for a nonsense story.'
“Well, I just think it's stupid. A real pocket pocket. Besides.'
Dana smiles at the word, I must remember it, she thinks to herself.
“I thought, you haven't said once by the way, I was already waiting for it.'
By the way. I want to be your party ball, I didn't like it anyway that I didn't hang in your tree.'
“Dear, you have been more than my decoration all year round. Garlands, baubles and lights can't stand up to you.'
“This is how I can hear it. Well, mom, if you come in, I'll dye your hair, glue your teeth, remove the debris from your feet and depilate your legs.'
“Yes, graag, maar eerst gaan we eten. There are brown beans on the menu.'
“Nice not! You just throw those pussy beans next to the ball in the pond.'

Image of gazrock via Pixabay