The cheap and Eco-friendly Weed Killer!

Dilting weeds without toxins:

Are you tired of having to spray carcinogenic chemicals, to put your patio tiles or driveway
Keeping weed-free?
Then here is a simple, effective and inexpensive, environmentally friendly solution:
Take 1 liter of vinegar, dissolve a few large soup spoons of table salt, and add 1 teaspoon of liquid soap.
Pour the mixture into the pressure syringe and... ready to use.

This mixture has a very long shelf life, which allows you to prepare several liters in advance.
After some time the salt can settle, but this is quickly resolved by shaking the mixture.
The best result is obtained on a dry, sunny day.
The hydrochloric acid burns the leaves, and the soap solution reduces the surface tension, resulting in better outflow of the product.

The only “disadvantage “... Bayer, Monsanto and BASF are not cheerful about this.

This can save LIFE!

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