The Color Monster Crafting of Popsicle Sticks

These Color Monsters are made from the fun pop-up book”The color of emotions“by Anna Llenas. It's a great illustrationbook for kids, which is about emotions and feelings. If you are confused, then it's best to organize your feelings and give each feeling its own place.

Kids love this book. It's about the 5 emotions: Joy (yellow), Sadness (blue), Anger (red), Fear (black) and Calmness (green). At the end of the book ,the monster is in love (pink). The book makes it easier to talk with children how they can feel or what their experiences are.

*In addition to the pop-up book (published by Clavis),there is also a picture book , cardboard book and coloring book of the colour sample (published by De Vier Windstreken).

De Knutseljuf Ede from The Netherlands (translated The Crafty Teacher) has crafted the funny monsters. They are made of colored ice sticks, so actually quite easy to make. One monster consists of 12 sticks. If you don't have blank sticks, colour them with a marker or paint. Cut the sticks with large firm scissors.

1) Place 8 sticks next to each other and cut 2 sticks to 7cm. Keep the remaining pieces of 4cm, those will be the monster's ears. Glue the 2 sticks of 7cm with glue and stick them on the 8 sticks. Allow to dry and start with the next monster.

2) Turn around and draw the mouth of the monster with black marker. Draw the dots (top and bottom), give his coat dashes and draw the eyes and the thick eyebrows. On white paper, draw 2 teeth with marker, cut out and stick them with glue stick on the line of his mouth.

3) Cut the 4cm sticks that you had left from the back into a tip. It's gonna be the ears. Turn your monster back so you can stick the parts on the back. Stick them with glue (not a papersticky stick) on the outer sticks. Do not have to be straight!

4) Cut 1 stick in half (5,5cm). Then cut such half into two pieces: the leg is 3.5cm, and the foot is 2cm. Stick them on top of each other and let them dry thoroughly before sticking them to the monster.

5) The 2 arms are just cut 1 stick by half. It doesn't have to be so precise. Put a drop of glue on the cut end and glue it on the back of your monster. Now the legs can also be glued on the back.

6) Allow it to dry for a while (10 minutes) before turning it all over. And how are you feeling now? I feel yellow!

The Color of Emotions (Exempt Clavis) Click here to view the book

Picture book of De Vier Windstreken publishing: Het Colormonster Click here to view the book

Cardboard book of De Vier Windstreken publishing house: Het Colormonster Click here for more info

Coloring book of De Vier Windstreken publishing house. Click here if you want to view the coloring book

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