#the art of art itself #creativity It's 4:23 AM. I look at the ceiling above me. One may wonder why am awake at this time well let's not talk about that today. Let's talk about this 🕷️ spider that is making its web🕸️ on the ceiling. It's so fascinating how it skillfully starts at the center outwards. It got me thinking about art. It is such a broad term ranging from drawings👩‍🎨to music 🎼🎵🎶🎹to dancing etc. Anyway am not saying that the list ends there; come on our spider has got some talent in it,the list is endless. Well nobody can limit what art is or what it's not-look at the bigger picture. Writing is an art,talking quickly (rapping) is an art. Even being clever is an art, hahaha we will have to reconsider that. Anyway that spider got me thinking of how each one of us has got a unique kind of art. With me it's cooking-you should taste my food one day when you happen to be in Kenya ☺️. Back to 4:23 AM,I was awake because it's the last day of high school and the excited me can't just sleep. #art is art