#the art of art itself #creativity It's 4:23 AM. I look at the ceiling above me. One may wonder why am awake at this time well let's not talk about that today. Let's talk about this 🕷️ spider that is making its web🕸️ on the ceiling. It's so fascinating how it skillfully starts at the center outwards. It got me thinking about art. It is such a broad term ranging from drawings👩‍🎨to music 🎼🎵🎶🎹to dancing etc. Anyway am not saying that the list ends there; come on our spider has got some talent in it,the list is endless. Well nobody can limit what art is or what it's not-look at the bigger picture. Writing is an art,talking quickly (rapping) is an art. Even being clever is an art, hahaha we will have to reconsider that. Anyway that spider got me thinking of how each one of us has got a unique kind of art. With me it's cooking-you should taste my food one day when you happen to be in Kenya ☺️. Back to 4:23 AM,I was awake because it's the last day of high school and the excited me can't just sleep. #art is art

The Beneficiary Challenge (5,000 YP) | #YoorsApril2021
Yoors Beneficiary - Summary Think about 1 Yoors Friend or Yoors Member whom you admire Make a nice promotional post about them or their content Make your chosen Yoorsie the beneficiary of your post Add the hashtag #yoorsapril2021 to your post Let's put our memory to the test. Do all of you remember what a beneficiary is? As we've read in my explanation post when you choose a beneficiary, all the Yoors Points you earn through your post will be transferred to them instead of you. This is a very humble gesture and you can surprise any of your friends, fans or idols with this handy dandy function. Who will be the winner? - The winner will be chosen by the Yoors Team (and is not necessarily the pool winner of the day), so be creative with your post! Deadline - Monday 12 April 2021 we choose the winner You can start posting today already! Reward - You will receive 5,000 YP as the winner. Even if you do not win you will receive boosters (if available) This prize will be transferred through the last post you made (without a beneficiary) Examples of what you could add to your post: Include photos of their work Interview them and post the results Add some links to their posts Praise them as a creator Write a review about their product Write a review about their post Promote their profile Create an item for them (drawing, painting, poem, photo, craft, etc) Good luck on creating! Don't forget that you can also win lots more during this challenge next to the 5000 YP: hearts, boosters, pool winner reward, comments, feedback and maybe even new friends and followers! Also press the "Join" button, if you haven't yet to stay updated about this and the next #yoorsapril2021 mini-challenge to come:) Read more - #YoorsApril2021 : Win a Total of 100,000 YP With our Mini Challenge Series - 10 Tips On How To Gain More Viewers On Yoors (Guaranteed!) - Yoors Beneficiary -