I didn't immediately give any importance to the series, but when I started watching season3, I became addicted and went back to see all the previous episodes
Season4 was my favourite. In this latest one, the events portrayed are closer to a time I can remember and relate in a way, although I was a child then: Mrs Thatcher's time as Prime Minister, and the marriage of Princess Diana. I know that a lot of it is fictional, but it was entertaining to watch, anyway. I was following Gillian Anderson since the X-Files, and here she plays such a wonderful role; she is so close to the actual historical figure in look, and voice, and manner... And the actress playing Diana was also excellent. If I am not mistaken, both won an award. Oh, and the actor playing Prince Charles is also very talented and spot on. I think that it was very enjoyable. Now I am curious about season5! #whattowatchonnetflix

The Crown