The Greta Thunberg Corona conspiracy?

Write something positive about the Virus of the century. An idea of our pacemaker Henkjan. Well meant, of course, as always. But in the meantime, with an astringent aftertaste.

You will only see a loved one leave for the hospital these days and see him in an urn a few weeks later. Visits could no longer be due to the risk of infection.

Okay, in China, a quarter less CO2 emissions, which will result in some lung disease less. Because the factories in the Far East, which are screwing up our smartphones, are now flat, there are fewer burnouts there, resulting in fewer suicides. Iran has released hundreds of prisoners to “prevent further spread”. Something Amnesty International wouldn't succeed in decades. And a full lockdown of Italy is what the Mafia can't do in a hundred years.


Own photos, drawing: Nancy Bailleux

We are now spared from any terrorism. What we do ourselves, we still do better.
Now that it becomes clear that older people are particularly affected by the latest Corona virus and school truthors remain out of focus, we can ask ourselves whether Greta Thunberg is not behind this. No lack of conspiracy theories these days.

Saved the environment and the ageing population solved how positive you can be.

Politicians who used to complain that there was no “political support” for the population, are now taking the most drastic measures that the most fanatical dictator can only dream of.


We still have to wait and see whether the balance will be positive. But if we count that there are 7 million deaths worldwide due to air pollution and this every year, it must be very out of control to break this record.

I think that nature is currently in consultation whether man is allowed to remain. Man, the deadly virus in shoes, which can't do without toilet paper.

And while we're on the positive tour... Trump has spoken the truth for the first time: “People who have never died before are dying these days.”

That I will not win the challenge with this sarcastic blog is perfectly clear to me. There are those here who have collected all those more than 25 hearts. - Congratulations. - Yeah. Should it happen anyway, the €101 will go to a charity.

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