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The judge speaks (Cruise'22/29)

The judge makes a ruling

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judge @Vhany is out. Together with her team, the charges and verdicts are now on paper.

All prisoners thus have their own file. It is time for the verdict, she says.

The hostage takers are again handcuffed and chained and brought into the courtroom.

When it's your turn, when I say your name, you're going to stand against bars and look at me, says Judge Vhany. The penalties I impose on you will separate you after this hearing.

I believe that everything you have been charged with has been proven. So I will only judge the penalty individually.

Kate is the first to hear Judge Vhany through bars. With 10 years of unconditional, you can close your hands, young lady, judge Vhany judge.

And that actually also applies to @dalinroma2 0 . With your strange fire, you've helped us just enough for a limited sentence.

Samantha, you were the leader of this whole hostage situation. It should come as no surprise that your sentence is higher. I'm impunging you with a life sentence.

And for the crude murders of Naomi and @Diego GO. is that also the penalty for @CreasaNL and Sanne.

By the way, you also go behind bars for your work behind the scenes for life, @anagabriela . Like the leader of the second group, @kelly_Pan .

Then we go to the third penalty group; the purely self-proclaimed criminal talents. The cell doors will close for 25 years behind you, @Geisell , @gertrudizvidal and @Sadaf W.

After the ruling, the prisoners are divided into three groups. They go to three different prisons.

Judge's ruling on hostages

It's understandable, says Judge Vhany to @Alfred . I understand, but it's not good to talk.

Playing before your own court that's what punishment should follow. That's why I'm imposing 3 years unconditionally plus 2 years on probation.

And @Fabi , inciting violence had major consequences for one of the hostage takers. Unnecessary consequences of unnecessary violence. However, it is also understandable from you, which is why I limit your sentence to 4 years unconditional plus 1 year on probation.

Captain @Dewaputra , I acknowledge that you did what you could. But you are ultimately responsible, even as a victim. I will make it right with you. I'm only imposition you unconditionally for 5 years.

And now you, @Danaë . If you had done your job well, you should have reported those strange benches in the hold. Then the entire hostage situation could have been prevented. Then we wouldn't have been so busy with this right now. I'm imposing 7 years on you unconditionally plus 3 years on probation.

Your action, Isabella, is severely punished. Cold blood murder normally costs you a lifetime. Lucky for you, kelly is_Pan niet omgekomen. Furthermore, you are still young and juvenile law applies to you. I'm measuring you to 8 years of unconditional imprisonment.

After this statement, all five of them are closer to crying than laughing. They fall into each other's arms to cry on each other's shoulders.

So, girl, the guard tells Isabella as he handcuffs and takes her off. For now, your beloved brother is still out of the picture. Just think when you're in the cell. Plenty of time!

Couples together

The brides have miraculously recovered. For a moment, it looked like Femmy was going to lose out.

But because @rockstar started praying, supernatural healing came. All hospital staff were left in happy confusion when the two brides left the hospital shortly thereafter.

Together with their spouses @Freli and DJ Nobos are together frequently to celebrate this joyful fact. They are happy that all four of them are still alive and ended up doing so well. Over and over again, rock star, that in her prayer of thanks to God.

The four of them are also following the lawsuits. From a distance, yes, because otherwise it would be too emotionally shocking, but still They are happy with the penalties for the hostage takers.

It feels different with the others. After all, they were on their side of the line after all.

We could also have received such a punishment, says rockstar. But we were wounded and had no chance of doing anything. We must seek them out and encourage them.

That's why they write an email to the prison administration together. A special request to visit the captured hostages.

Pretty soon, their request will be honored and the appointment will be made. An appointment in four days already.

True fiction,

contradiction in terms

Your reporter, Joaz Christiano

The cruise ship image comes from a trip report by @Rudy Siedlecki 🌳 .

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