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The museums of Amsterdam

#thenetherlands Tourism in the Netherlands is often a great deal since it has several museums such as Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam National Museum), the van Gogh Museum and the house where Anne Frank hid and wrote her diary during World War II.

For those people who like a bit of history it would not be wrong to go there, besides the scenery looks very beautiful and there are cyclovies so you can rent a bicycle and explore each of its places.

The National Museum in Amsterdam is dedicated to art, crafts and history. They say it owns the most famous collection of paintings from the Dutch Golden Age as well as a rich collection of Asian and Egyptian art.

The Van Gogh museum that houses precisely the collection of works by the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. This museum has more than 200 paintings and 400 drawings by the artist.

Anne Frank House who does not know the story of this girl, we all know her by her diary where she told us from her point of view what it was like to be Jewish and to live hidden without a doubt a fascinating history in Amsterdam still preserves the house where Anna was a refugee and receives many visits by tourists interested in her history.

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