The quiet road

The web is a peculiar place. Easy to get into, easy to drift away from. There is something about disembodiment that makes every transition smooth, almost imperceptible. One day I was here, and then I wasn't.

Why did I leave? It's hard to say. There's the usual, of course. A heavy work schedule. A house move. Vet duties with one of the kitties. General grown-up life. Overcommitment and lack of inspiration . And yet, the real reason is perhaps that there is no one reason in particular.

It all starts with skipping one day. Then another. Then another. Then the habit of absence has been set in motion. It sets and solidifies, it becomes hard to break. The timing is never right and the right excuse never materializes. Things become what they are simply because they are what they are.

Leaving - really leaving - was never on my mind. But I know now that if I keep waiting for the right way to come back, I never will. And that would be a real shame, because the reasons why I came here to begin with are still reasons, and they are still good.

So, this is how it's going to be. No expectations. No fanfare. No banner above my head. Just the one foot in front of the other. It might be a quiet road, but it leads home.