The Shim (part 13)

Sometimes things didn't go the way you wanted, Anton complained to himself. He had not succeeded in getting to Martijn, coming out of the chapel, and on a wonderful

In the end, he gave up the search. The time to go to bed started. He had other things to do. Just as he opened the door of his bedroom, he heard something or someone. He knew of course that such a thing could not be at this time and wondered if it would be a stray owl. It had to come from the outside so he walked down the corridor, on the way to the window, opened it and looked out. There was little to see in But he let his eyes get used to, he knew that such a thing was always wrong. 

There a hand suddenly grabbed him by his wrist, leaning on the door frame. Anton could just restrain himself otherwise he had a big scream of fright. For some reason he was not afraid and that turned out to be a good thing. The hand was that big gold ring, which he immediately recognized. It was Willem. “What are you doing here?” whispered Anton. “Wouldn't you even ask me in first?”