The world of YOORS


I took my time to think all day what would be my post in the challenge of @BabitadeBoer , so I better chose this post to the answers about YOORS .

  1. How to create a team where everyone feels safe?
  2. Is this possible @ Yoors?

Everything is possible...

In the world of YOORS

That's it...

Think as an adult, live as a young man, advise as an old man and never stop dreaming as a child.

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If we know that a leader is the person able to encourage, motivate and influence the behavior or thinking of your team for the purpose of working for a common good, and we also know that we have in YOORS those leaders who obviously have our trust and respect for their work on them and the rest behind, obviously all this will be reflected in how each of us makes use of the YOORS.

In my experience in communities (people who come together under a common interest) I begin to analyze what is a coexistence, a brotherhood.

And I start from the basis that it is rather the bonds of fraternity that unite us and the interpersonal relationships with the people who interact every day, in this world of YOORS .

Initially when you enter YOORS I did not understand the concept, that I was or intended to be, as a good researcher, good computer technology lover and faithful believer in the strength of social networks, every day I get into the world of YOORS .

In many cases, economic incentives matter little or no , some are just looking to show and highlight their work, tell others, hi i'm here, and look what I do, I'd like to share it with you and everyone at YOORS .
And is that if this is possible in this world of YOORS...

About collaboration

We are a high performance team, a whole where we must be aware, that we work under the premises of collaboration and respect, where we take advantage of the diverse experiences, knowledge, and skills of all.

Where we should channel those same skills into applying them to for good, and why not for common causes and interests...

That's how we work as a team, all in the same direction.

About failures

If you have to go wrong and do it again, no matter how lost you feel in the world of YOORS come back and try it, you don't know if your reward is close, that you know if that exchange of ideas is what you needed to feed your spirit and make sense of your personal relationships, on how many social platforms they offer you that?

A coffee in YOORS

About dissension

And we do not need to agree on everything to be able to share the same space, in fact different opinions are needed to be able to carry fluid communication and find the balance.

About civility

The behavior of the members that fulfills their duties, respects the created rules that only contribute to the proper functioning of the WORLD OF YOORS and the welfare of the other members of this community.

This is where each of us does their own thing by following the rules of the game in the world of YOORS

So I think the world YOORS




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