The wrong hotel

On one of my walks just outside our beautiful village, I saw between the greenery and in the water of the rivers, swans, ducks and geese and I opened my ears well, that's a good thing, because otherwise I would have missed the following:

I was jogging past this building. Just as I wanted to get closer to read what was on the poked sign, I witnessed a curious conversation. I grabbed my phone and recorded the call. At home, I'd try to decipher it at ease.


After some jigsaw I managed to translate the recorded entertaining twospeech into Dutch. What I discovered was actually too bizarre for words. The dialogue consisted of mere isograms. Too special not to share it, so this one.

Hotel 'the insect'



“It's getting pretty stiff.”

'What? Your neck or lower?”

“Lower. Almost by my heel.”

“Oh, I was just thinking a little higher, relax with...”

'Stop! Remember! I'll slap your glasses off your beak!”

'Don't see it so dark, humour is needed now! '

“At times you are such a jerk!”

'Even that one is stiff occasionally. Anyway, see, that's the place that fits our mood exactly. '

“Do you think?” It seems nothing to me.”

'It seems that this hotel is very unique and has spacious rooms. '

'The spaces seem very special to me, though. Yet, in my opinion, they are a little too open. '

“Ah, chick, you're, like always, the nagging here!”

“I'm not your wife, don't disdain me!”

“I'm not, I'm saying it right, sweet lady.”

“Yes, yes, you slimy, when your clamp comes, you'll fly happily on it.”

“Honey, dove of mine, will you go into the hotel with me?”

Say, rinse your beak! I may be your darling, but I'm not your dove.”

“My goose, does that fit you?”

'Ha ha, jellyfish. Say, do I understand what I see on that sign?”

“What sign?”

“What's stuck on that stick.”

“Chips, I only see that now.”

“Am I that small?”

“No way, even without glasses, I see you bigger as an insect.”

“Then there's nothing else to do, will you escort me back into our nest?”

“Yes, sweet, direct.”



Fluids The Crimea


View over the flowing fields



Photo of the ganzen is by @Naturefreak , the other pictures were shot by myself.

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