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Explore Theory of Knowledge (TOK) within the IB program, diving into profound inquiry and the essence of knowledge. Join us today!

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Theory of Knowledge Walden7 REANS Seminar - TOK2022.
Unleash the Greatness of TOK

We love Theory of Knowledge with a passion at TOK2022! Our courses on the subject delve deep into the philosophy of knowledge to make every learner and educator great.

Our Selection of Courses

From the extensive list of our courses, you will find the one that best suits your IB syllabus and your learning preferences. We cover everything with our courses, from the basic principles of TOK to the most advanced topics:

Why Choose TOK2022?
 Expert Guidance: Our team of seasoned educators and TOK specialists is here to help you make the most out of your TOK experience. Both educators and students receive support with their TOK journey. Our team has been provided with maximum flexibility to respond to your needs. 
Interactive Learning: Dive deep into TOK concepts with our interactive modules, engaging discussions, and multimedia resources. Develop your understanding and gaining critical thinking skills.
 Tailored Learning Paths Flexibility and community are key in TOK2022. All students and educators are given the opportunity to build their learning journey according to their goals and preferences. Whether you need to follow a structured course or would like to build your own path – we are here to ensure these wishes are catered to. 
Community Engagement: We welcome you to the vibrant community of learners and educators. Here, you can exchange insights and create projects to exchange ideas and deepen your understanding of TOK.

The Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is more than just a subject; it sustains profound inquiry among students.

Aspects of the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma programme build on the basis of knowledge itself through TOK, which makes them critically question not what we know, but how we come to know. In this way, exploring “ways of knowing” emerges as a fundamental element in the new and vibrant 2022 TOK syllabus that will provoke classroom discussions. These are important ideas because they help to focus knowledge for navigating optional themes areas of knowledge and support TOK assessments such as TOK exhibitions and essays necessary for obtaining the International Baccalaureate diploma.

For IB students, TOK is a must-have; it is not an elective. It enables learners to immerse themselves into arguments that stimulate inquiries on various subjects. Teachers should utilize different sources from newspaper articles up to real life situations in order to involve IB students into fruitful conversations. At its centre, ToK fosters dialogue and enquiry rooted in Epistemology—the study of knowledge acquisition, validity and the interplay between opinions and beliefs. Evidence, certainty, truth, and interpretation power are key concepts of TOK. Responsibility and accountability. These are the concepts that make up the course framework, providing a step-by-step guide to understanding knowledge and its peculiarities.

SEV7N is committed to TOK education and has thus created a variety of resources that can be used during TOK sessions across all IB subjects. Our resources aim at making the TOK learning process more enriching; from the impact of evidence on history to how faith determines religion’s knowledge base.

Join us at TOK2022

Come to know the power of TOK with TOK2022. It will be a journey of inquiry and exploration as we together unveil some mysteries about knowledge. For over 10 years we have had our team of skilled IB Examiners and Tutors available globally for supporting IGCSE students in achieving excellent results in their academics.

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Theory of Knowledge - TOK2022