Back and Forth

Back and Forth

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I was wondering the streets of a city unknown. I was lost, - terribly lost

Not only in my mind but in the streets of alcohol and flashing lights.

My footsteps were ensuring not to show any sign of weakness.

Breaking down on the side of the pavement wouldn't get me home.

But what is a warm welcoming home if you lost the key on the way?

I have never longed to lay in your arms before, but it was the only light in the city lanterns.

I know now that home isn't a place but the feeling of safety and warmth.

I wish I never let go of your hand, - I cant find my way back



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Verberg reacties
I got one word for your poem: lovely.
| 12:29 |
Love this poem! You're a great writer :) I'm going to follow you :)
| 15:52 |
Wauw, wat een prachtig gedicht. Ik ga je volgen, jij mij ook?
| 20:41 |
Prachtig geschreven. Ik moet een beetje moeite doen om het te kunnen begrijpen. Engels lezen en begrijpen zijn twee, maar het is mij gelukt. Ik ga je terugvolgen. ;)
| 15:51 |

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