Three ways to find your way in this (corona) time.

No one will deny that it is a special time. No one can ignore it, we live in a corona era. It's been written about it for months. Measures are being taken and adjusted again. Sometimes we can't visit our loved ones and are happy to have a wedding with 100 people. The economy is shaking to its foundations. unemployment is increasing. Housing shortage. Farmers are revolting. An excess of stimuli reaches our brain. It's not so crazy if you get confused about that. I have a few rules that will help me cope with this:

1. The world doesn't revolve around me! I'm not holding back that much, and I can't change that much. I'm responsible for my own place in the whole. Whether or not I am strict with regard to the measures, it is not about me, but also about the other.

2.Respect the other.We're all different. And everyone also gets this virus (or the news about it) differently. One gets scared of the virus. The other is concerned about the measures. To meet the other with respect is a lot of help. Of course you can give your opinion. Expressing your doubts. Also about government measures or the RIVM. But give the other one the chance. Do not crawl into a bubble, but get out of it (for a moment).

3.Keep faith. As for myself in God. But also in each other. In a good ending. In the future. In your children and your grandchildren. The world has faced greater crises. It's gonna be all right. See opportunities and not just threats.

Well, they are. And yes, I too have to read it every day. That helps. A few moments of rest, meditation, breathing,. Read a beautiful (Bible) text and let your life be influenced by the Eternal and/or by people around you. Love conquers all, always. And has the last word.

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