Tips for cleaning up your room!


Cleaning up your room, almost everyone hates it, but it's gonna have to... What is the best way to do this? What do you do first? Questions that will be familiar to many of us. That's why I have some tips for you to help me very much. You can also use them for other places in the house!

- Make sure you have a place for everything, so nothing will swing around and you can put it right back there.

- Make your bed neat every morning. This way it looks a lot better.

- Dust off everything every week so there won't be a layer of dust. This is also good for sleeping, the more dust the worse you sleep.


- Air your room for at least 1 hour every day. This ensures that the sleep smell that hangs there is replaced by fresh air.

- Put a laundry bag in your room where you can put your dirty clothes in, so not everything stays everywhere and it can be washed right away.

- Put clothes that are clean right away in the closet is not always fun, but not everything stays everywhere.

- Make sure you have some nice things in your room, so you can see there's living, but it's not junk.

- Vacuum every week.

_ Make sure you vacuum your bed and behind your cabinets every 2 weeks.

- Change your bed every 7 days.


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