#To be ashamed

To be ashamed

Meanwhile, a week of curfew has passed. Probably, many people will not easily forget about the start. Riots, destruction, police attacks, scenes that the sober Dutchman thought could only occur abroad. But no, also in the Netherlands a group went out to the streets to let them know that they did not agree. What with? I don't know. They were just against it. Retailers, who don't have a good time anyway, got to endure even harder. Police were even more burdened. While those people are only doing their jobs. A station was destroyed. Why in the hell? ? What did the NS or ProRail do wrong? Have they spread the virus? I looked at it with my mouth open. What kind of people were those?

This has nothing to do with Corona. It has to do with the mentality of a group of people who are really down. I don't even have words for it.. Did these people come home after the riots and told their mother or girlfriend/friend “so, that was another nice evening, I went out with my friends." And are they happy crawling behind their plate of kale with sausage?

Oh, that poor lady who came in with a bloody face. It was her own fault. She shouldn't have been there at all.

A day later, it was hit again. Randmorons were inspired by their mindless predecessors. The days after, the cities licked their wounds. Everything had to be cleaned up, the damage had to be repaired. You don't want to be in the shoes of a shopkeeper who finds his shop like a bomb exploded.. Who is awake at night because the stack of bills is getting higher and higher. What were those idiots calling? “Today everything is free." No, today a very high price was paid. Today everyone saw that in the Netherlands there is a group of people who have the intellect of a potato. A small group, fortunately, but big enough to put the Netherlands back on the map. The Belgian colleagues I spoke to were very serious about what was going on in the Netherlands.

You're really ashamed of the rest of the world. And Trump is no longer there to surpass it with even stupider actions. Really, let us as the Netherlands keep our mouths wisely for the time being. And don't pretend we all know better. Because last week's actions, no, that had nothing to do with common sense, or even with an ounce of sense.