Single Slide Toast....

Here is a simple one. ...

This one here is a simple. Atleast, many people can do this; but instead of the double slides of bread, only one slide is used. ..


Egg, tomatoes, pepper, ketchup, Margarine , seasoning, onions, salt, groundnut oil.


Grind the pepper and tomatoes and steam and fry, with diced onions.

On another bowl, break the eggs

Mix a fraction of the tomato mixture, with ketchup and egg ,salt and seasoning to taste. TURN.

THen, pour on wider bowl.

Put your frying pan on fire

ONce hurt, add a little oil and Margarine, spread round the pan. Then, dip slide of bread in the egg mixture, and put inside the pan, press and turn.

Serve with tea or coffee.

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