Top 2000 Voting Week 1 t/m 7 December, what do you vote?


Yes! It's almost time to vote for the #top2000 - Oh! Have you got your list ready yet? Which songs are in the top 5 with you?

Which songs come back to you every year, and which song do you think should be on the list from now on?

On the site of #NPOradio2 you can cast your vote from Sunday 1 December (2019). Here you can also read more information about the #top2000cafe

Also, the top 2000 ballot box is going around again this year, and the route is also known. Of course you can vote online, but to get in the mood it is very nice to vote in the #top200stembus - Yes.

photo from Pixabay

My Collection Music Challenges:

Of course, this also fits into my blog collection of the Challenge-Which music belongs to you...

Along with a lot of fellow bloggers at #Yoors I now have a nice collection. Below is a link to my collection, and one of the blogs as an example!