Yoors Top 10 Posts of August 2020

Yoors top 10 of AUGUST 2020

We've seen a few people do the #top10 and we got inspired. Every month we will release the Top 10 posts of the month. But we want to spice it up a little! What's a top 10 without an explanation and introduction to the creator? The condition to appear in our top 10 series is just to make a post with good quality. We would like to give you the attention you deserve for creating such wonderful posts. The statistics speak for itself, these posts got the most views and votes within the month.

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  • In each of our episodes , we will include 5 or more honorable mentions on the bottom, which we choose ourselves.
  • All posts included in this post will receive a small gift (bundle of YP) on the respective post for this achievement

Thanks to Fairshare, some posts even resurfaced that have escaped our attention from a few years ago. And we are in love! I am so excited for this, are you? All posts are sorted in random order. Keep in mind that these statistics are a snapshot of today's numbers, they can differ from when you are reading this post. Well, here we go:

  52 votes

@Mirelle-Creametkids made a very complete post explaining what the Grej of the day method encompasses. A lot of us have not heard of this method that many teachers have been using at schools, but also others have been implementing as a way to gain more knowledge about a specific subject. She also makes a lot of posts about DIY, crafts and tinkering in general.

Visit her page if you want to delve even more in her craftsy world.

  41 votes

Are you done with those feisty carbs and want to switch it up a little, but you also don't want to give up on snacking. No problem! @Myranda made a post for you with plenty of edibles that you can snack on (fast!) while still staying completely low-carb.

Looking for even more recipes and tips about food, you can check out her page!

38 votes

 This beautiful post tells us what the symbolism is behind the lotus flower. All the meanings behind the different colors, the origin and the usage of the lotus in different countries is explained to us.

Check out @Durante if you want to read more helpful articles and handy facts about a lot of things we see on an every day basis, but we might not stand still to what is really known about it.

  36 votes

@ElisabethsKitchen 👩‍🍳 wrote this refreshing, delicious recipe, ideal for the hot weather or to accompany your BBQ. The pictures really don't help: they make us crave it right now!

Visit Elisabeth for more delicious recipes, which she writes especially for two people, as those are very hard to find anywhere on the internet. Do you have more guests to please or you simply have a stomach that counts for two? No problem, just multiply the servings to the amount you need.

Do also not hesitate to buy her premium recipes which give you access to exquisite meals.

29 votes

@Adriana packed just her backpack and took on to the biggest trip of her life... . Impressive is how she shares with us a brief summary with the most wonderful pictures of her 8 month trip to Asia and Oceania. She shows off her photography and writing skills.

So far she has written 3 episodes in her series. We are curiously waiting for more! Want to keep up to date with her world trip and frequent poems and writings, visit her page!
41 votes

@enigma shares with us handy dandy tips on how to get more viewers for her blog. Methods that I myself adopted to promote my own blogs in the past. She made two parts on this, so make sure to check out both and let yourself in on the ways of success to get your posts to more views!

Check out her page for beautiful reports, photo blogs and she sometimes also posts delicious looking recipes!

  41 votes

@Dana writes incredible short pieces that make you think about a certain subject on a different way. On various occasions she has managed to catch her public completely off guard and let them briefly take a glimpse on what's going on in her brilliant creative mind.

A quote that stuck by us: 'But, Dana,this is not nonsense at all, it's completely realistic', someone commented. To which she replied: 'Nonsense is my reality'.

Follow her for more funny, real, short and powerful writings that you can definitely add to your bookmarks.

  24 votes

We were completly baffled when @Dewaputra told us what happened to him a few years ago in Bali. Any of you that read this post, may remember that our curious behinds really where thirsting to know what really went on!

To know what happened to him you really must read his post, I won't tell you as he says himself: the unthinkable happened. You won't believe it if I tell you... Really this post keeps you super intrigued from beginning to end.

Want to find out? Read this and more funny, informative stories on his page!

  38 votes

@Sabrinaslife87 wrote a tearjerking, beautiful poem that portrays her work in a nursing home.

It made fellow nurses, family members of patients and others feel what she wrote directly coming from her heart.

Visit her page and check out her vast amount of helpful tips, poems and lessons in our everyday life.

NR 1 PICK: Start blogging @ Yoors

@Madeleine has made a humongous.. No really a gigantic.. No just kidding.. A colossal post on what all you can expect when you start blogging on Yoors. If this post does not show you the great inspiration, variety and potential of posts on Yoors, then nothing else can!

Visit her page for more powerful and satisfying posts on a variety of subjects, including food, inspiration and music

52 votes

Honorable mentions

@Naturefreak with a beautiful report on the most beautiful ruins of Holland
@I love to draw who made a damn good artwork on how delicious Yoors really is
@Encaustichris which shocked us all with her beautiful plog on owls
@Ellis which made us very nostalgic with her great post about vinyl shops in the past
@De Knutseljuf Ede which describes in her blog a creative idea to make mini treats (which are not what they seem) for kids

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