Yoors top 10 of JULY 2020

We've seen a few people do the #top10 and we got inspired. Every month we will release the Top 10 posts of the month. But we want to spice it up a little! What's a top 10 without an explanation and introduction to the creator? Each creator will be featured once in each top 10, but you can always be featured in the next. The condition is just to make a post with good quality. In each top 10, we will include 5 or more honorable mentions on the bottom, which we choose ourselves. We would like to give you the attention you deserve for creating such wonderful posts. The statistics speak for itself, these posts got the most views and votes within the month.

Thanks to Fairshare, some posts even resurfaced that have escaped our attention from a few years ago. And we are in love! I am so excited for this, are you? All posts are sorted in random order. Well, here we go:


  23 votes

@DeWildPlukkersInfoGroep made a complete post about the numerous advantages of Aegopodium podagraria (Zevenblad). Very handy for people who are looking for natural remedies and are interested in health and nature! Check out his page for even more information about herbs and plants. Unleash the inner herborist in you!

Underwater World

  20 votes

@Yvonne made a super beautiful painting by utilizing encaustic art to achieve it. Encaustic painting, also known as hot wax painting, involves using heated beeswax to which colored pigments are added. This post is one of the many examples to why we are so proud of our members who are multi-talented in every way. Check out her page for a wide variety of self-made encaustic art and other well-written stories.

The Holiday Paper

29 votes

 @Ingrid Tips en meer  recently made a very detailed overview of what you can do this holiday to combat boredom. Not only will this give people more ideas, but this also means that we are actually expecting yearly Holiday Newspapers from her! Visit her page for more handy dandy overviews and tips on how to do a lot of things in life, but also on Yoors!


  36 votes

@Tania Kross uploaded her first Pay per Post by making her Mozart Tot Madonna Show available online for a price of 1.99 euros to support @LeerOrkest.

This was very successful, and she managed  to raise 500+ euros (500000 YP) for a good cause. Visit Tania the Boss' (I mean Kross) page to check out her latest updates, shows and concerts.

Keuteltje, the book

  25 votes

@vanrupstotvlinder announced her new book for kids and we find this fantastic. To top it off she is offering a big discount on her book. Therefore you can go, buy it and read it. Need a new read for your kids or you would like to read it yourself? Go check it out !

Visit  her page if you are interested in sweet funny little writings and stories!

Bye fruit flies!

  41 votes

@Rudy Siedlecki ???? shared with us a very creative way on how to get rid of those feisty fruit flies you see wandering around your house in the summer. Of course do not forget to keep your windows closed or have a mesh of any sort or else the sneaky neighbor flies will come partying along too. You can visit Rudy's page for a lot of information about arboreta, bonsai and nature in general.

Tears in heaven

  37 votes

@Ellie Brokking made a tribute post for Conor Clapton. With this post she reminds us of the song 'Tears in heaven' written by his father, which brought tears to many eyes as they heard it. Her post gathered a lot of people commenting their thoughts and wishes towards the family but also to all the people who have lost their loved ones. Ellie also makes a lot more posts dedicated to remember and reminisce the past and past traditions. Check her out!


  32 votes

@Lichtophethart made a very intriguing post about all the ways the song Hallelujah was sung and interpreted by different artists.

@Lichtophethart is a thinker, which explains the creativity in this post. Visit her page for more inspiring, intriguing and deep posts / quotes about things that we experience in our every day lives.

Grandma Hook helps you crochet

  18 votes

@De Knutseljuf Ede made a huge overview on these very cute crochet grandma dolls that we're sent in by many to help all the crafters in the DIY universe. All of these crochet patterns are unique and funny. This post is updated regularly and that's what makes her so dynamic. Visit Knutseljuf's page to view more artsy, crafty and DIY posts.

NR 1 PICK: Racism in the Netherlands - The Other Side

@bk-feb1970 wrote a beautiful piece about the other side of racism in the Netherlands, quoted by @Henkjan de Krijger. Next to that he is a photographer and makes high quality photos for occasions. As he is very good in writing, we encourage him to pursue both!

63 votes

Honorable mentions

@Mirelle-Creametkids with her numerous creative ways on how to use that aluminum foil leftover in the kitchen that you're not gonna use anyway.

@Maluc with his sentimental and deep post about graduating in a difficult time, which a lot of current students can relate to.

@Traveler with her impressive, lengthy and thorough article about the history of the Zeelandic-Dutch mythology and history.
@enigma who shared with us a brief summary along with beautiful pictures each and every day of her vacation in France.
@Encaustichris with a beautiful photo series on macro-photography with aphids and ants, which is a unique phenomenon to be able to capture.

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