Treasure for solving riddles

Riddles have been a great way to exercise our mind and pass our free time with its unique twists,logics and solutions. But these two riddles will pay you in massive treasures for solving the riddles. These two riddles have made a cult following over the decades and still remains unsolved bewildering every treasure hunter who come across.

The Secret


This Treasure book  was first published on 1982 by author named Byron Preiss. He visited different parts of America and Canada and deposited twelve plexiglass boxes called "casques" with a key inside it. The key then can be redeemed for one of the twelve gems worth thousand of dollars as a prize.

The book contains of verses and paintings to define the twelve places where the treasures are buried. The clues are the characteristics of the states and places that are well hidden within the paintings while the verse give you exact direction with number of steps to follow through to find the treasure once you pinpoint your target place.

⚕️Three of the twelve boxes have been found till now and one of them is well documented by my favourite TV show Expedition Unknown.

Findings till now:

•First key= Chicago,Illinois

•Second key= Cleveland,Ohio

•Third and latest key= Boston,Massachusetts

💲This puzzle is still unsolved and remaining casques still holds the key for the treasured gems waiting deep beneath the ground. But before you take out your metal detector and random search for the treasure, this plexiglass treasure box will redirect you to read the book and decipher the clues.

On the trail of golden owl


This treasure hunt edition is based on central France with a prize of an gold,silver and gems embedded owl statuette worth more 250000 euro. It is also based on the book published on the pseudonym of "Max Valentin" by author Régis Hauser and paintings are illustrated by artist Michel Becker.

The book consists of distinct eleven riddles with title,text and paintings. The page number are made of wavelength and all the eleven clues solved will pinpoint a place for the treasure. The French text on book can dumbfound the english speakers and the riddles itself have confused all the treasure hunters for decades.

⚕️The treasure is still available and remains unsolved at the moment. The details about the hunt is documented by my favourite show Expedition Unknown.