Trio compositie wilde bloemen - acryl schilderijen

Trio composities wilde bloemen samengesteld uit diverse plaatjes uit boekjes, websites ed.  Ik heb er dus niet voor op mijn buik in het veld voor gelegen. Acryl  op board, 40x50 cm, 2014 en 2015.

De klaproos verwelkt op het moment dat je hem plukt en de zaadjes van de klaproos zijn heel geduldig: ze kunnen zelfs na jaren nog ontkiemen.  De bijtjes zijn ook erg blij met klaprozen omdat ze hoogwaardig stuifmeel hebben.

2014 / ABK
2014 / ABK
2015/ ABK

Heb je een wilde bloem gezien en wil je weten hoe de bloem heet? Kijk dan op de website van Piccardthof. Je kan daar heel makkelijk en handig d.m.v. afbeeldingen de bloemen vinden op kleur of op bloeimaand!

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Casa Bernardo: by Claudio Spieler & Phil Rehm
On the 1st video @Claudio Spieler and I play as song called "Casa Bernardo". The song is from the 2003 album "Cositas Buenas“ from the world famous flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucía. On bass played: Alain Pérez. On the original song the bass player just plays bass. So to make it musically more interesting for us two, I included the guitar melody and chords in this arrangement. The groove is called Rumba and I worked out a bass part that combines melody, guitar parts and bass lines. Claudio brought this song up, because he is very involved and known in the flamenco scene and an amazing percussionist. The 2nd video we made in the first Corona Lockdown last year. When we weren't able to visit each other. And we recorded separately in our grooves. Hope you enjoy the music. We sure enjoyed playing it😁. #music #video #claudiospieler #philrehm #spieler #rehm #bass #percussion #pacodelucia #flamenco #yoorsvideo
24 May 2021 Bob Dylan will be 80 years old
Bob Dylan is in the list ' 100 Greatest Songwriters of All Time Dylan's vision on American popular music was transforming. No one raised the bar, or had more impact. “You want to write songs that are bigger than life,” he wrote in his memoirs, Chronicles. “You want to say something about strange things that have happened to you, strange things you've seen.“Dylan himself saw no difference between modern times and legendary past - reading about the Civil War helped him understand the 1960s - allowing him to rewire folk ballads passed down from generation to generation into songs that excite both the present moment as lasting standards. Early songs like “Blowin “in the Wind” became hits for others — Peter, Paul & Mary were number two in the Billboard Hot 100 in 1963; Stevie Wonder released the number nine two years later — changing the ambitions of everyone, from the Beatles to Johnny Cash. 100 Greatest Songwriters of All Time - Then Dylan started climbing the charts on his own with music that turned pop into prophecy: 'Subterranean Homesick Blues', 'Like a Rolling Stone', 'Positively Fourth Street', 'Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35.'His personas changed, but songs like “Tangled Up in Blue”, “Knockin 'on Heaven's Door” and “Forever Young” continued to define their epochs in a sustainable way. And only among his peers Dylan's creativity was incessant. The BobCast: looking for Bob Dylan On 24 May 2021 icon Bob Dylan will be 80 years old. In the run-up to that, the VPRO broadcasts the 'BobCast', a podcast series in 26 parts, from its 79th anniversary. Dylan is perhaps the most important pop musician and lyricist of the past sixty years and a cultural-social icon that has no equal. Every two weeks a new episode on Sunday Bob Dylan - Wikipedia - Bob Dylan Greatest Hits - Best Songs of Bob Dylan (HQ) - The Official Bob Dylan Site - Music - Blog collection -