Trolley (travel in mind)

A journey in mind, intended to take someone out of the day-to-day business. Escape. Because understanding everything is quite suffocating. The next story is not to understand. I wrote it because I was triggered again by the story of @DiaantjesLife 🦋.

The journey has, in short, received different points of departure.


Trolley Travels

Many of you may think you're dreaming, in your sleep I mean. Well, I can tell you, you do.. But maybe I'll tell you something more of. Just sit down for a moment, yeah, a little bit down. Let you get a little lethargy and the thoughts of today, they are allowed to have a quiet rest.

You just booked a trip! A journey with Trolley travels. Yeah, you might be thinking right now about the rollercase, that briefcase you see in that picture. But no, that's just our means of transport. How did it get that name?

What do you think? a troll, never seen or heard? That name is familiar, I hope, isn't it?

Hey guys, just freshen up: I once booked a trip like this for a gentleman Tolkien, that's a well-known name? Or maybe J.K.. Rowling? Well, there are many more. In all those trips, we also take a small (t) roll. usually a mean one, it's really so wonderful to do everything that shouldn't be because it doesn't have any real consequences. Well, all right, those trolls, I guess they're starting to get shape for you guys by now?

Are you guys still easy? Don't fall asleep, I'm just starting! Yes, a little feathering may, but you should be able to keep reading the letters.

So Diaantje had booked such a trip. A nice trip, yes one who would really go to Tomorrowland. A familiar place, more people like to go there. In addition to Never- land perhaps the most sought. Okay, so I was in that briefcase, we had already found the rainbow, it was clear that Diaantje was already in the story and then it happened!

She just grabs a blanket, she can't! In a dream trip you do not go to sleep, then you want to experience everything. It is a form of double! A double denial, minus minus minus plus! Is she just gonna lie down puffs? ! Well, then you get that, minus minus minus, then by definition you wake up. I wanted to show her the waterfall that realizes the rainbow. The huge Jacuzzi where I and the other trolls sit in to create that waterfall, oh, I would have given her the pills.

Oh, yes, pills, I have to explain that.. You usually get a pill in case of illness and as Diaantje described, no one here is ever sick. So what's a pill?

Well, a pill that's like a book of Tolkien or Rowling. And Diaantje could have gotten her own pill. A huge pill! A real bestseller! Well, who knows, maybe she'll put her trolley in again.

But now the advice for all of you! NDON'T GO TO SLEEP!You don't know what you're missing!

Sorry, I didn't exactly take you guys on a nice trip, but I think it's gonna come...