Trust God is cooperation

Being a Christian on his own

The average person has a strong drive to do things in life itself. 'I can do itself', you can hear a toddler telling his parents sometimes when they want to help him. So that's just in human beings. And for Christians, that is no different.

As a Christian, we are actually going to repeat everything we have learned as a child. We hear and sing that we trust us in God have to set up. But how often do we expect God to help us in our way? And yet... you don't know God! He doesn't always give us what we ask, but he gives us what's good for us. The challenge for the Christian is to see that, to understand it.

Especially nowadays, many keep the earphones of their mobile phones in. It works like headphones, which makes sure we don't hear anything from our environment anymore. Christians too take too much on their own thoughts and what is good in their own eyes. Trust in God is thus under serious pressure in practice.

On the other hand, there are also many Christians who leave everything entirely to God. Spiritually as they are, they expect time and time again that God will conjure up a beautiful - or as you like delicious - rabbit out of the top hat. A solution to every problem in their lives.


What's your little contribution worth?

In the Bible we read a story about a miraculous multiplication of bread. It's about a great (and well known) miracle that Jesus did.

As human beings, we are created in God's image. God seeks a personal relationship with man and therefore He gives us gifts and talents. He makes use of the means He has given us. So also the five loaves and the two little fish that the young had with him on that grassy mountain slope.


In the Bible we read a story about a miracle baa. It was humanly a small contribution. But by the to hand over to Jesus , it became more than enough for a meal for thousands of people. The boy put his trust in God and stands in the window with an honorable mention in the most read Book of all time, the Bible.

In short, trusting in God is giving Him everything in his hands, even though it seems so small. The solution to our problems is a kind of collaboration between God and man. It's about a great (and well known) miracle that Jesus did.

Trust is yours too


Is God a presenter of a modern TV show? Does He always close his collar button neatly? Is He always neatly painted behind the scenes by the ladies with their powder box?

Or is He like a locomotive, which attracts all Christians as wagons behind Himself, on the way to the right destination? Is that a manifestation of trust in God?

I don't believe any of that. I am convinced, that God will and will provide the needs of His children. But He knows better than man himself what is best for him or her. He also knows what each of us has available. If Christians surrender that to God in confidence that He makes something beautiful, then that is the cooperation in the relationship that God also has in mind.

Then God again cuts off a piece of the cake, grabs the cake scoop and blesses us with more love and more power. That's how I experienced it at all stages of my life.That trust is also what I wholeheartedly grant to every fellow human being. I hope that you too will be guided by God to live more and more in your destiny.

This is a contribution to the writing challenge of Hans van Gemert this month with ten keywords .

By the way, this blog is strongly inspired by the Bloghop , which I encountered in the Facebook group Christian bloggers. The theme is trust.


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