How to increase your trust score

Watch and Read Before You Comment

Building a strong and positive presence on Yoors is not just about posting comments; it's about fostering genuine engagement and demonstrating your value within the community. The key to increasing your trust score lies in the quality, relevance, and authenticity of your comments.

Craft Thoughtful and Meaningful Comments

When crafting your comments, steer clear of spammy behavior. Instead of generic phrases, provide meaningful feedback or ask insightful questions. This not only showcases your genuine interest but also adds value to the discussion. Remember, the community values depth over volume.

Stay on Topic to Avoid Downvotes

Relevancy is key. Ensure that your comments are directly related to the content at hand. Tangential or off-topic remarks can be perceived as disruptive and may lead to downvotes. By staying on point, you not only contribute meaningfully to the conversation but also exhibit your understanding of the subject matter.

Every Upvote Counts, Every Downvote Hurts

Every upvote is a step toward building trust, and every downvote is a setback. Prioritize quality over quantity, as a well-thought-out comment is more likely to receive positive recognition. Remember, one upvote adds a single point to your trust score, while a downvote deducts three points. The impact of downvotes is significant, emphasizing the need for thoughtful and appropriate commentary.

Build Trust Over Time

Building a positive reputation on Yoors is an ongoing process. Engage consistently, foster genuine connections, and contribute meaningfully to the platform. Over time, your trust score will reflect the authenticity and value you bring to the community. In the world of Yoors, trust is earned through respect, relevance, and responsible engagement.