Try Fashionable watches!

Try Fashionable watches!

Hello, I'm back in Yoors, after finishing my exams.  it's nice to be back here. I was sick of being a bookworm, and now I'm free. Why exams are stressful?

One day, after exams, I saw a video about a high tea review on YouTube. So, what exactly high tea is? It is a common practice among English people. They used to enjoy an extra meal in the evening called 'high tea' while drinking tea or coffee. 

They are enjoying a platter with three tires containing sandwiches, savory items, and sweets. There should be at least 11 items on a platter for one individual. So it was offered at a famous hotel, they were serving this high tea evening for a limited period. It looked delicious!!!


So high tea is a fashion, and serving it is an artistic expression. So this isn't about high tea. I kept staring at the TV presenter's hand all the time. She was wearing a red-strapped watch. It was a huge watch that I would never decide to purchase from a shop; an Apple digital watch. Since I saw it, I've been obsessed with wearing such a watch outside. 

I never wanted to wear a watch on my wrist since childhood as I felt it didn't suit me. Except for examinations, I've never worn a watch outside of the house. My parents used to buy watches for me. There were little ones, large ones, and digital ones, but none of them suit me. I used to believe that wearing a watch was trouble and you have to keep your hands bear to feel freedom. But I was wrong, until then. It was so beautiful on her hand and she had nice taste in fashion. After all, fashion is fashion!


 So fashion is a form of self-expression and autonomy of a person. It is something we deal with on daily basis. Even if you pretend you don't care what you wear every morning, like me, every detail we wear is counting our personality.  Acceptance or rejection of a style is a reaction to the society we live in. I recognized that the fashion world is changing, and I'm getting older. 

Why haven't I bought a watch so far? What a fool I am. This is how I'm feeling right now.

 So I went out from the story. With such a strong desire, I searched online for stores to get what I want. Fashion is a big business. There were so many choices. Finally, it was there. Wow!.... I'm going to purchase it... Ureka! 

So I wore it the same day after it came. My mother said, "Oh! What is this? "....Never mind! I got what I want.

 After wearing it, I felt like others are looking at my watch. Do you know that after wearing it, my hand movements were improved significantly? I'm overjoyed. 

It didn't stop there. I wanted to learn more about the fashion industry. 

 Fashion is a weapon. Fashion is a state of mind, a spirit, or an extension of one's own being. Fashion conversations might take the form of an elegant whisper, a high-energy shout, or an all-knowing wink or a grin. Most importantly, fashion is about being at ease with one's self and converting self-esteem into a personal style. 

As a result, I began to acquire beautiful watches. So, do you have an interest in watches? What type of watches do you like to have on? Whatever it is,.. it is high time to make a change. Fashion is evolving. Try colorful watches. #Fashion  

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