Turn your desk into a piece of inspiration after a burn out

After a burn out to work again? Make your desk a piece at home.

Like most of us, our work is one of the most important places in our lives. We spend half our time at work. That's why it's always important to create a place to mimic at home. Not everyone has their own desk but maybe something small in which one can also find that bit of home feeling and especially Zen feeling. I handled this completely differently after my burn out. I've created a piece of safety for myself where I can escape when I feel it's not going for a while.

Create a safe haven: Tips for after a burn out

To make your workplace as pleasant as possible, you should add some personal things (as far as possible of course)

That's how I did it?

I have plants on my windowsill that I occasionally speak to.

I also placed a photo frame with “Follow your dreams” to remind me of my dream every now and then.

Sensor candles to create that extra warmth feeling.

Beautiful prints of the beach and the sea on the wall to escape from my busy work environment every now and then.

A few books to read in once in a while when I can't really concentrate.

I also always have a notebook at hand to write off some thoughts of me. #burnout