Uitdaging fotowoorden mei: tautogram

Zwoegend zwelgt zachtzinnige zoemer zonnige zaaibloem
This beautiful very stylized flamingo also goes in the basket. He too is ready and is going to roam but where do I not know yet. It's very nice that I alternate between some more complicated work and the simple something easier to make. I find it very difficult to set clean lines on the sometimes rough stones. I hope the finder will enjoy it as much as I do when making. Have you found these or any other of my stones I would like a message. You can keep my stones or let them roam whatever you want. #yoorsstones6137 #yoorsstones #paintedrocks #creativelyengaged #happystones #dwarfwedges #joystones #yoors #YHS6137 #yhs #flamingo   
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Are you the director of one's own life?
#iwantthisbooster Since the start of the C madness, we are frightened every day through our square box that we watch with whole tribes. Because everything that is told there is automatically assumed to be true. After all, they will know? I have to think about my own life, raised with my parents' standards and values, influenced by the ideas that we were whispered to by school, teachers, fellow students, especially being tough, smoking, drinking beer, bumping after the ladies and so on. It seems a delightful time for many, but there are certainly also people who ask their questions from their own views.. I believe that you should think about what works for you, who you want to be, what you want to achieve in your life, living from your passion, from your heart, and taking responsibility for your life yourself, and working on your own goals no matter how big or small. Never forget There's only one you can make happy That's you. This is vital, don't be indoctrinated and investigate what you do want to take before you put a syringe in your arm. It's better to try to avoid trouble beforehand than to heal later. Nice cheap too, saves a lot of medical costs.