Unicorn Pimping Piggy Bank

That pigs are very nice to see that doesn't need an explanation. This little pig is even a piggy bank. With this you can also save and put the money in for a fun savings goal!

You can also pimp a piggy bank completely into a Unicorn pig! This form is ready and you just need to decorate it. With these materials you create your own version and have an original way to store your money! Do you read how to make this?

What do you need?

- Paper mache shape piggy bank

-Decopatch papier oogjes

-Metallic roze verf Viva



-Stukje wc rol

-Chenilledraad metallic roze


-Blingbling steentjes voor neus

Various material can be found on the website of Trixx Creatief/ Urban Craft Factory

How do you make it?

1. Paint the piggy bank with the pink meatllic paint (dries quickly)

2. Cut ball band from the crown to the middle of the pig's body

3. Glue this to the crown with tacky tape or with a glue gun

4. Fold a point of eg. a toilet roll and paint that silver

5. Stick it to the head of the pig with a glue gun on top of the ball tape

6.Stick the front of the head with small decoration flowers

7. Twist chenille thread around a pencil and you have a curly tail

8. Fix the tail on the pig with a glue gun

9 Cut out eyelets and paste them onto the pig's head with regular cuddle glue

10. Stick 2 blingbling pink rhinestones on the pig's snoot




Super cool Unicorn items can be found here!

Click on the photo of your choice and order it in the webshop!


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